Wednesday, September 30, 2009

iPhone designer, common sense, please meet.

Now that I have my phone, I can't believe how lacking the stupid phone is in common features found on EVERY OTHER PHONE ON THE PLANET.

I bought it because it's pretty. Just pure aesthetics.

It's pretty alright. It's also pretty useless sometimes.

1) You can't hang up on an incoming call.

You can let it ring out, or press a button to stop the incessant chiming so it doesn't drive you up the wall. But the caller will STILL be on the line waiting for someone to pick up the phone.

Where's the little red button / feature when you can just hang up without having the poor guy on the other side wait till kingdom come?

2) You can't delete individual call entry.

I call J, I call my mom or I could be calling a certain telco's customer service center because they were messing with me. Sometimes I call them A LOT on 1 day and I kinda not want to keep these entries on my phone.

I can't delete THAT specific entry. I could do it on my Samsung, I could do it on my RAZR, I could do it on Nokia. I can't do it on the iPhone. Why should my call logs be cluttered with numbers of customer service centers? I don't want to keep them!

3) 3MP camera

When the world is moving towards 12MP camera on a phone, Apple came up with 3MP and tried to convince the world that their phone is a breakthough. Pfffft.

Enough said.

4) Wifi VS GPRS

I buy a phone. I want full control of how it accesses the internet and whatever nonsense. I was on free wifi yesterday and for some reason, the signal went out for a few seconds.

iPhone, being the smartass that it is, connected to the net on GPRS, clocked 2MB on data usage and god knows how much the telco is going to charge.

Cost of (362 MB + 15.9MB) = My first born child.

I know people are going to ask me to buy a data plan for "just in case" situations like this. But I buy it to use the free wifi available island wide. I'm a cheapo. Why should I feel coerce into buying a data plan just because the phone doesn't allow me to fully override its settings?

If I buy a phone, I want full control over usage. If the stupid phone wants to switch to GPRS, the least it can do is to NOTIFY/ PROMPT ME. How hard can that be!?

All these gripes just after 2 days of use.

Apple, up your game man.

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