Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The birds are not chirping right.

Perhaps the birds are not chirping right, or the haze from the forest fire is getting to me, I'm feeling really snappy lately.

Wedding planning is going ok. Some guests are not coming, I may run out of invitations and I think I may have over-booked hotel rooms since some out of town guests are not coming.

Work has multiplied. My new project is going to roll out soon, and apparently I'm not just handling 1 financial project but ALL FINANCIAL RELATED projects.

This was not my job scope when the management first informed me that they were forcefully taking me out of my old project and giving it to 3 person because it was "resource-intensive" and giving me ONE new one.


Anyhoo all exasperation aside, I'm just going to pick on the English language and grammar today.

Things that bother me:

1) Irregardless
This word does not exist, yet the Management uses it because it's long and it makes them look smart when they use it.

"Irregardless of the snafu, we must deliver."

Regardless = In spite of; without regard to drawback
So "Irregardless" is to REGARD to drawback?

2) Revert
For some reason that escapes me, "revert" is used in official correspondence in place of "reply".

"Going to do something. Please revert asap on any concern."

So is the recipent going to restore to former state/condition?

3) Their

Their /= They are. End of story.

4) Your

Your /= You are. End of story.

5) "Correct me if I'm wrong"

"Correct me if I'm wrong, I think the earth is flat and we should fire a rocket into space to tell all aliens to stay out!"

Why should I? Will you listen? Because obviously the person using the phrase thinks he's right. "Correct me if I'm wrong" makes an awesome name for a comic strip that explores the angst of the average worker. Much like Dilbert.

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