Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Time is running out.

I may be losing my marbles any time now.

  • Out of town guests called to cancel due to hiccups at the last minute

  • Which meant we may have overbooked on hotel rooms.

  • Empty seats we need to fill

  • And I'm not sure if we have enough invitations for "new" guests.

  • Are "new" guests going to feel offended because they are on List B?

  • No news from the photographer since our pre-wedding shoot, does that mean we look so fugly he needs this much time to photoshop us?

  • More diy decoration to finish

All that on top of the things (work, life, finances etc.) that drive me insane daily.

I'm not stressed, just... very bummed out. I can't believe there are only about 5 more weeks to go and people who promised to be part of the bridal party called up NOW to tell us they can't make it. How on earth am I going to find a replacement now?

Just where and how am I going to fill those seats? I don't want to do what J suggested, "rent a friend". We're not THAT desperate, right?


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