Monday, November 30, 2009

Of work and soul.

I have been utterly swamped after the wedding with work and family. I guess I've returned to earth and responsibilities.

Work has been mentally crippling. Deadlines, impossible requests with very very limited manpower, i.e. only me have made things difficult. I am becoming the person who is forced to sacrifice time with her family because she got tasked to spend weekends at work for free that the company gets paid for.

It is the end of the year and with new HR rules, the company only allows half of our annual leave to be brought forward till June next year and any unused leave will be forfeited. Since every month since the beginning of the year has been "peak season" for all sorts of projects, no one had the time nor approval to go on leave.

Which led the team to where we are now. My team has been reduced to 4 people and 2 of them will leave after lunch because they are on morning shift.


It's not the workload. It's the whole vibe at work. It's trudging along and perhaps the "we'll make do" attitude that is killing me.

Nothing is planned around here. Succession planning, resource allocation etc. are alien to people here. Huh, she says. We'll just hire someone and he/she will know exactly what happened for the last couple of years and the transition will be seamless.

"We'll get to it (and freak out) IF the situation arises."

- Does not apply.

I feel less and less alive as I stay here. I can literally feel my soul dying.

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