Wednesday, December 16, 2009

FTJ and updating

When life throws you lemons, make lemonade.

-- that actually looks inviting

That's optimistic.

What if, what if, life throws you mouldy lemons? What next? You can't make mouldy lemonade. All you get is a splotch of green mould on your clothes because you were trying to shield your face from the bunch of mouldy squishy lemons.

The company gives out cards to staff every December to compliment them on their hard work for the year. Each staff receives a voucher of $20 because the company feels that all the weekends and overtime we work for free for the ENTIRE YEAR is only worth $20.

I don't care about the $20 because I don't know what that can buy from the store. It's like giving me $20 Apple store voucher. I can't even buy an iPhone cover for that.

All I want is some sort of acknowledgment for my work. Even the gentlest pat on the back will be a decent gesture.

Anyhoo I just spotted the card on my colleague's table, for the hard work he has put in for working over weekends on our project.

I didn't get one.

Wasn't those the weekends we were on shift to cover OUR project?

The weekends when we were in office shivering from the bitter cold and humidity away from our family?


I have never felt more overlooked in my entire life.

F8ck this job. (FTJ.)

I'm updating this very instant.

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