Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Parenting, home and we are still children.

Work had been an utter pain (as usual) and since my annual leave will be forfeited if I don't use them, I decided to just eff work and run home with J. We stayed at my parents' for almost a week and it was strangely nice and comforting.

I was always a little iffy if my parents will ever get used to an Australian son-in-law as they are not confident in English. "Eat, eat." as mom pushed more food towards J.

My parents fed us nonstop when we were home. We woke up to different store bought brekkie everyday, and lunches and dinners at their favourite haunts. When J wanted to buy new sandals, we went to 3 different malls just to get the best price. J was horrified. He felt he had imposed on them.

I mean, taking care of us in every little thing isn't what J is used to.

J thinks we are so lucky that my (our?) parents pamper us like this. I think we're very lucky too. :D

I guess it's a very Asian parenting thing to mother us. Even though our combined age is over 50, we are still helpless little children to them.

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