Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I have dandruff face.

I went to the dermatologist last Thursday because of a huge under-the-skin pimple. He did unspeakable acts against humanity treatments on my face, all in the name of science and vanity.

-- I'm supposed to be radiant.

My face has been flaking since Saturday. Especially around my mouth and nose. It's like my face has dandruff.

I have dandruff face.

I'm motherfriggin upset, that's what I am. I'm going back later so he can fix this.

I can't do that "I'm upset about my skin so I'm walking very briskly with my head hung low 'cause I have bad skin" thing I used to do in secondary school.

I'm fricking 27! I can't believe I've had bad skin for at least 13 years!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Of Facebook and work.

What do you do when your project manager adds you as a friend on Facebook?

It is at THIS PRECISE MOMENT I remember why I've disabled my "Add as friend" function in Facebook. It's for situations like these.

I'm at least 3 rungs down the stupid corporate ladder and I have zero intention of sharing my Bali photos or ANY kinda personal information with my superiors.

Am I "Addicted to Battlestar Galactica"?
How many times do I Superpoke my friends?
What kind of "Growing Gifts" do I send?

I believe NONE of that is any of the company's business.

I do not believe in adding friends whom I have zero intention of sharing my personal life with. If we didn't share more than 10 sentences while we were back in school, I'm pretty sure that we have even less to say to each other 10 years after graduation.

They may be nice people but what's the point of adding friends to your list if you don't make the effort to call once in a while to see how they are doing? Facebook friends are nothing but a number. 372 friends? Really? It is nothing but a number some people value because it shows how well-connected and popular they think they are.

I am very apprehensive about opening up to people, especially colleagues, strangers and my superiors. You never know what's going to happen say, after they've gone through 6 photo albums chronicling every single salacious details of that stag party you attended.

Hasn't anyone read about this? Or this?

Why would anyone put themselves in such a situation if employers have difficulty separating employees' professional and personal lives? It's like giving a baby a gun. You never know if the baby is going to shoot you.

I should be a hermit.

Star Wars - A brief summary.

I enjoy Star Wars. I will refrain from saying that I love it, since Lucas repeatedly churn out craptacular monstrosities to ruin the support of Star Wars fans.

Craptacular monstrosity 1:

Padmé: Hold me, like you did by the lake on Naboo; so long ago when there was nothing but our love. No politics, no plotting, no war. "


Obviously Lucas doesn't know much about romance.

Anyhoo if you haven't watched all 6 movies, this should sum it up nicely for you.

Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it) from Joe Nicolosi on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

To splurge or not to splurge.

I'm very hands-on on the upcoming wedding, because I'm not going to chuck thousands of dollars at a wedding planner who is going to have my wedding details laid out by me anyway and mostly because it's not very prudent to chuck thousands of dollars at her in economic times like this. So I'm scouring websites for DIY tips and ideas.

-- Awesome ideas.

Martha, I'll make you proud with all my spreadsheets!!

Like one hit wonder Natalie Imbruglia, I'm torn.

[From my favouritest tv show, Scrubs! Season 8 is back!!]

How much do people spend on their wedding rings? The one they are going to exchange and wear FOREVER.

Some people on the forums spend mere hundreds for 2 rings, while others spend thousands. One question, how do you just spend a few hundred dollars for 2 rings? Are they made of plasticine or something? Because the last time I looked, even decent 925 silver ones cost at least a few hundred dollars each.

I'm not about to buy a plastic one just because the economy is bad and I'm saving money.

J and I thought about getting the matching bands that go with the engagement ring. The price is a little steep. I told J about it and being the sweet accommodating person that he is, said he's ok with either options. Now, we're both confused.

-- I'm. Speechless. Need. Bling. Now.

It makes sense to buy a more affordable one for now, and when our bank account balance comes out of its bulimic state, we'll buy the matching ones. We are paying for the entire wedding so we are micromanaging our finances right now.

Thing is, how do you trade up to the new ones? Just walk in, pay up and then slip off the cheaper rings we exchanged in front of our friends and family?

I'm wearing this FOREVER.
Shouldn't I get something that means forever?
Shouldn't we wear the rings we exchanged forever?

This "trading up" business ruins the romance and symbolism of the ceremony.

To splurge or not to splurge, that is the question.


Thursday, January 08, 2009

All I got for Christmas.

All I got for Christmas...

were a fish tank and some rocks.

This year, J has managed to outgift himself. I got a fish tank, some 'live' corals and weird looking sand. 'Live' corals because they aren't bleached and white like dead corals, and manage to look nothing like these. They just sit like rocks.

-- This is not what I got.

Here's the back story. We go to lunch together when J is in town, and we would sit next to the sunken garden under the tree to admire the fishies till my lunch break is over. We do this at least twice a week.

-- It is a beautiful little pond. Real photo.

J thought that since I adore fish gazing, a saltwater fish tank with colorful fish and Nemos would be the perfect present. Awwwwwwww I think it's sweet.

On Boxing Day, we went to the pet shop to pick fish for the aquarium. J had set up the tank a few days earlier so the water would settle. Something about temperature, acidity and bacteria in the water.

There were so many creatures in the shop and I didn't know what to do. Should I get some aquatic plants? How about a starfish? What kind of fish are we getting? How many? Do I want an actual coral to go with the fish?

Jebus Christ.

In the end, the pet shop man picked 2 little fellas and we went home immediately, driving ever so carefully in case the fish get car sick. [Can fish get car sick?] Too much rolling around stresses them and they die. Silly Fragile creatures.

May I present,
Sushi and Sashimi.

Sashimi is the pretty yellowtail and Sushi is black and white one. You know, white like rice?

-- Sushi

But J should know I'm terrible with living things. Plants DIE in my care on more than 1 occasion. I feared for my pet Sushi and Sashimi.

-- Sashimi!

We're messed up fabulous pet owners. We've decided to call our dog Kitty should we ever get one, and if we get bigger fish, we're calling them Fish and Chips.

[We are very easily amused. And with our talent for names, our child(ren) will have hours of 'fun' at the playground.]

Then on Sunday, something terrible happened.

Sushi was harassing Sashimi a lot. It was chasing Sashimi and Sashimi was nervous. Sashimi would hide between the rocks and the black and white jerk of a fish would come and terrorize it. We put Sushi in solitary confinement (in the little fishing net) hoping that Sashimi will relax and come out from its hiding place.

The little net somehow dropped and Sushi was able to escape while J and I were away for a fab wedding dinner. (Another story.)

Come night time, Sashimi was floating upside down near another rock, its brilliant blue fading from its little body.

I guess Sushi terrify Sashimi and the poor little thing died of stress and possibly, nervous breakdown.

-- Sushi rules the tank for now.

1 fish tank, 4 rocks and 1 death for Christmas. I miss my little blue fish. =(

Yellowtail damsel - info

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Going to watch Stars!

I'm going to Stars concert tonight and I'm excited!!!


Of washroom habits and social decorum.

Something has been bugging and disgusting me for ages and I'm not exactly sure how to put them into words. And that thing called social decorum gags me every time I want to pen it here.

But after today's ordeal I shall break my self-imposed silence on the topic.

The thing about working in an office is, you have washroom with cubicles. At any one time, you may be in there doing whatever you need to do while someone you know is in the cubicle next to yours. This is going to get gross.

-- Howdy neighbours!

I can't understand why people would answer their mobile phones in the loo. The phone rings, and you should just cancel the incoming call to focus on your business. But some people don't. And they multitask in one of the grossest ways known to man.

Why would you flush the loo when you're on the phone? And one can only deduce what the question is when you say, "Oh I'm just flushing the toilet."

-- Hey honey, what's for dinner tonight?

Goodness me Woman. Just shut the frak up alright?

Second thing that grosses me out to no end? The Surround Sound effect.

It is natural and something small, but the sound of your business, especially after the Indian Curry Incident can be absolutely mortifying. For you and anyone in the same room.

Bodily noises are perhaps one of God's weirdest and most hilarious jokes, but walking out of that cubicle to face a couple of your colleagues who obviously heard you can be awkward.

-- Gawd I feel like some of this butter chicken right now. Grossly inappropriate moment.

I think toilets everywhere should be up to Japanese standards. The kind that has a fixed seat temperature, washes you and then blow dries you. Oh they come with noise cancelling features.

Why do we not have this everywhere?

All the above pale in comparison of what's to come next.

Being in the office means your fellow toilet sharing colleagues are at least above 20 years old. But sometimes the state of the toilet just screams untrained monkeys trapped in the cubicle.

Fuk Woman, you sit and you go, capiche? No fricking half squat ok? That way I don't have to scrunch my nose in absolute disgust and horror when I chance upon remnants of your misfiring.

-- Blair is my heroine.

You're not a dude. You don't have to aim. Even the guys can't aim after decades of practise, much less you. Don't try it. Just don't bother.

Finally, the stake through the heart of all etiquette and hygiene? You hear the Woman flush, see the Woman walk out the cubicle and OUT THE WASHROOM.

Oh my frigging gawd!!!!

I guess it does not make polite conversation.

One of man's greatest invention - link

Monday, January 05, 2009

The first few hours of 2009.

I spent the first few hours of 2009 throwing up, falling asleep in the club's loo and a few hundred dollars on alcohol.

It sounded like a total blast of a party, didn't it?

My New Year was an absolute crapfest.

A couple of my friends were very enthusiastic about spending the last day of 2008 together. The same ol' setup. Dinner and drinks at a club till we're kinda smashed as we usher in 2009. Sounds good to me any day.

Thing is, these 3 jokers don't know each other. The WoW guy wanted me to organise something so he can 'befriend' my single girl friends and hopefully revive his love life. The Single Girl was ok with making new friends. So being the Super Friend of the Year, I was tasked to put together dinner-booze fest for New Year's Eve.

It was NOT easy. Calling around all the partying hotspots in town while trying to look hard at work is not simple. After 2 days, and many phone calls later, I secured a table at Zirca. The newest club in town with trapeze, contortionists and sexy dancers in nurses outfits.

I had witnessed the dancing nurses at a stag piss-up. True story.

It is fairly common for clubbers to get a table before actually showing up here on the island. We're all way too old and feeble grown up and careless with our spending to stand in line outside a club trying to get in. With a table (minimum spending of at least $200), you and your friends can saunter all the way to the VIP entrance while 18 year olds look on in jealousy. Queues are so 2005.

Everyone was excited. I paid the deposit on the table after securing the minimum head count. I was so looking forward to a wild time while I toasted 2009 with mango bellinis.

31 December swung by. J and I were getting ready to go out with 3 out of the 7 confirmed guests called to tell me the following:
  • I have a cold. I'm napping and I'll call to let you know if I can show up for drinks later
  • I have a headache from my monthly girl problems. I'll call to let you know if I can show up for drinks later
  • I left my power adapter in JB. I have to go home to get it. I can't make it anymore.

The WoW Guy who wanted to know more girls, actually chose NOT to go to a party just to go home to JB to get his power adapter.

Seriously, WTF!?

I think they are being jerks. Especially the WoW Guy.

In the end, I called the other 2 friends and they managed to bring 2 friends to join. It was NOT a good night. As minutes went by, I could no longer taste the vodka in my vodka cranberry. I was downing the drinks because "cranberry juice tastes yummy."

I fell asleep in the loo.
Was later found by worried friends and rescued by J, who braved the ladies to get me out.
Puked VERY often while we made our way to the cab line.
Puked VERY often while we made our way to the nearest hotels because said cab line was a block long with no cabs in sight.
Fell asleep in the hotel's lobby while J checked in.

2009 did not start the way I planned it. I hope that's not a sign of things to come. Frick.

Zirca - official site

10 months to go.

Wow. I just logged in to my Blogger account and realised that I posted only 4 times in December 2008.

Talk about being unproductive.

Not going to find excuses for my lack of commitment to this space I've updated for the last 4(!) years. I think my relationship with this space deserves much more than a feeble excuse.

I WILL post as regularly as I can, both at work and at home. I have about 10 months to go and stupid things like the type of dress, do I want a videographer, and the font on the table numbers etc. are driving me batshit insane.

-- Yup there's a movie out there that says it all.

As Jo puts it, I have enough time to fall prego and pop the kid out before the actual day. I should breathe.

I will write without giving away much of the Big Day. It will be fun to write down the hilarious things that happen along the way. On another note, it would be absolutely sucky if people show up at my wedding going, "Oh! That's what she said she's getting for her wedding!"

So bear with me my patient friends. I am borderline crazy and have the attention span of a guppy.

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