Friday, February 20, 2009

All the LOVE in the world.

I love the sculpture LOVE by Robert Indiana.

I am no art aficionado and I don't really know what inspired Robert to make this. I just thought it's simple and to the point. Love is here.

In a big city.
Spelt out in giant letters that you can't miss.

I've driven past the installation countless times. There are people waiting for someone near it, perhaps it being the most recognizable landmark in that area helps. The thought of someone waiting for another, perhaps a loved one, seems particularly heartwarming and sweet.

I've told J that ever since I was a teenager, I had aspire to visit every LOVE sculpture in the world. It still sounds like a perfect travel itinerary to me.

You know what would be great? To see all the LOVE in the world with J.

I guess despite all cynical thoughts, I'm just a big ol' romantic softie.

Love sculpture - Wikipedia

I will always be here.

Cat Power - Sea of Love

This has been an awful week for J and I. I will always be here.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wedding, Coldplay and my sacrifice.

It costs me an arm and leg, and probably something from my wedding's gotta go.

-- Farewell gorgeous gorgeous rings!

[I am sooooooooo into aquamarines at the minute.]

But guess who is going to see Coldplay Viva la Vida Tour?!?!?!

I hope the seats are good. And the concert better rock more than Stars if I'm using money that could have gone towards my Aquamarine wedding band.

10 Things Men Don't Know About Women - Part 7.

  1. It means a lot to us when you make an effort to get along with our family. You have no idea how bad we feel caught in between the 2 of you.

  2. We just found out that men do undergo some sort of manscaping. Courtesy of

  3. It still stuns us when we see the amount of toiletries you have. The pre-during-post shaving kit, hair stuff, face stuff and shower stuff. Not counting the variety of colognes on our dresser. I mean, wow. We always thought men still use 1 soap for everything.

  4. When we say we will just window shop, don't believe a word we say.

  5. -- I was just looking till I paid.

  6. The same goes when we smile at you and nod when you tell us you're meeting your "the one you almost married" ex. 

  7. Sweetie, we don't like wedding bands that look like these. They are tacky.

  8. How about sometimes timeless and classic?

  9. It makes us break into a smile when you make us tea in the morning. We appreciate the gesture but it's the thought that counts. Our hair is stand-uppy, we have sleep lines on our faces and we have morning breath. We feel very loved because you love us just the way we are.

  10. -- only a few gazillion times less cute

  11. For the thousandth time, don't keep asking us what we want to do/ where we want to go after we've shrugged our shoulders and said "I don't know" for the past 30 minutes. We really don't know and we just want to be somewhere with you. It doesn't matter if it's the crowded food court in the mall or our crummy kitchen. 

  12. We (sometimes not so) secretly hope your family loves us.

  13. We love you just the way you are.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I thought boys had boy germs.

When you thought no one can mess it up more than you do, someone comes along and proves you wrong.

Baby-faced boy Alfie Patten is father at 13.
-- Lucy Hagen, The Associated Press
13 Feb 2009


Holy bat crap you mean a 12 year old knows what sex is??!

I belong to the old fashioned camp where boys still had boy germs at 12. We giggled at them and we ran away. I learnt about the bits at 14 and didn't know how everything worked till 16. Even then it was "you mean you had to do what?!" gross.

If you think it can't get worse, here's the kicker.

He may not be the father.

Oh. My. God.

I think my head just imploded.

Girl, you're 15. You can start f*cking up your life in your 20s and you're still not too late. You do not need a head start.

Then again this may be the best thing to every manipulative 13 year old out there. "Mom, if you think I've messed up my life by failing my math test, at least I'm not a father."

Baby-faced boy Alfie Patten is a father at 13 - article
'Britain's youngest dad' agrees to DNA test - article

I *heart* Gossip Girl.

I can't not watch Gossip Girl. I can't take my eyes off it. I'm ashamed that I've become a slave to a tv show, yet unashamed because it is bursting with juicy scandalous plotlines. 

I *heart* Gossip Girl.

But sometimes there are so many similarities between Gossip Girl and The O.C, I feel like Josh Schwartz is just beating a dead horse. 

The IT girls. The Resident Blonde and Brunette.

The parents who had a past. Step parents and friends becoming step-siblings.

Serena and Dan break up a lot. Their parents are dating. They also share a sibling Serena's mom gave up for adoption. Are you following all that? 

It's as if they ran out of men and women in New York and they had to date in their own circle.

Complicated social scene, lives, endless scheming and of course fabulous wardrobe that all the old money can buy.

-- The resident schemers. Lurvesit.

Outsmart. Outplay. Outshine. 

I love Gossip Girl.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day.

I have work and J has flown off to Kiwi land for work. Sigh.

Feast on chocolates in the arms of your loved ones while your bouquet of overpriced flowers beam happily at you. The dull glow of the computer monitor beckons.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Cute calf -

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sucky week.

Life is incredibly SUCKY right now.

  • My car is semi mangled from the left passenger door all the way to the fuel cap. F*ck.

  • My company is up to its sucky way AGAIN. Instead of telling us they are cutting allowance due to the recession, they say it's because the entire staff is complacent and not generating revenue for the company so we don't deserve it. F*ck this, we'll show them what COMPLACENT is then.

  • I have a scratchy throat and I'm just waiting for it to go all nuclear. I can't wait to go to the doctor and get medical leave and stay the f*ck away from the office.

  • Parents' health aren't peachy.

That's why I haven't posted in quite a few days. Honestly, I wonder if there are any repercussions writing about my company's effed up ways. Let me know. I need to rant before I burst.

Friday, February 06, 2009

I hate to say (but secretly loving it) I'm right on the money.

I know I shouldn't gloat because my karma goes down and payback's a b*tch, but this is too juicy and my hands are trembling.

Someone seconds me opinion that Twilight is written poorly. And I'm rubbing it in her face as nicely as possible, since I'm a crappy anonymous person who maintains a blog stringed by poorly chosen words that's a dime a dozen on the net.

But it still feels good to know that I'm not alone on how much Twilight sucks. Stephanie Meyer sucks as a writer, and still earns millions so this gloating should NOT sting a single bit.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

An act of kindness.

I witnessed an act of kindness today.

On my way back from lunch (or lackthereof long story) with J, I saw a lady walked towards the grandma outside Crystal Jade. The Grandma is a permanent fixture outside Crystal Jade, where she sells handmade malt candy out of the little pot. She's very old and hunched over. It isn't much of a stall, just a small mat outside the dumplings franchise and a little pot of candy.

-- obviously lifted off the web

The lady called out to her, Grandma raised her head with much effort, breaking into a smile. I guess the lady must be a regular customer. The lady slipped a red packet to Grandma and rubbed her back before she left. It is heartwarming to know that kind people still exist in this frantic world where everyone is always in a rush to be somewhere else.

I feel bad for being a sucky human being now. What act of kindness have I done today?

Monday, February 02, 2009

We should be so terrified of ants.

Fracking ants!

Just when we thought they are just irritating little bugs crawling around the sink that you can easily squished, they go ahead and do that. A cousin of the common house ants known as Bullet ants, has been given the highest rating on the Schimdt Sting Pain Index because it's as if you got shot.

Russians got devoured. Indy got spooked, so should we.

I give it 250 years till the insect world come up with a weapon to zap humans to extinction. Or they just have to figure out killing is a team sport and tag team with other insects to render a prey, say human, paralyzed indefinitely while a gazillion of ants swarm the poor guy and slowly devour him alive. Shudder.

Invest in Baygon.

Ants - Wikipedia

Twilight and the head banging it brings.

I finally watched Twilight last night.

Twilight is by far one of the crappiest movies I've watched.

For starters, it is way too long for something so mundane. Yes it's another love story but there have been so many love stories in the history of cinema that are half as draggy. The pacing is all off and there were so many moments I rolled my eyes, trying not to tell at the characters to just "GET IT OVER WITH" because they sure as hell are not going to hear me and it's stupid.

The dialogue is worse than a play written by a 4 year old. I was contemplating breaking the disc in half because the world does not need another copy of this movie.

So is the story told from Bella's point of view? At 1 point I thought she was narrating their story, but the change of perspective in the middle of nowhere is ridiculous, and from a consumer's point of view, utterly pointless and disruptive.

-- For the last time, I'M TALKING!

I'm inclined to think that the writers' strike was on and they outsourced the script writing to inner Mongolia. Hollywood got the script back, and substituted more than a few lines when they had problems translating it from Mongolian back to English.

Or it was written by psychotic apes. Because I cannot believe a steaming pile of crap script as terrible as Twilight was given the green light.

The pacing. Oh gawd the snail-paced movie drove J and I up the wall. I mean we can tolerate crappy movies (see: Doomsday and 10,000 B.C. etc.) but a slow AND crappy movie?

-- "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon". NOT.

Just how long do I need to see the 2 climbing very tall trees from different angles?

-- F*cking tree hopping.

Or him glistening in the sun?
Or Bella doing one of her "what the f*ck is going on"/ "do I smell? why does he think I smell? My hair doesn't smell right? oh gawd I must stink. who does he think he is to give me the stink-face?" faces?

Yes Bella, you stink. Your acting stinks. Don't look so confused.


If you haven't watched Twilight and have decided against watching it, I applaud you for saving 2 hours of your life you'll never get back.

  • A very mopey non-smiley girl went to live with her dad in a mopey non-sunny town.
  • Met a very pale boy with ruby lips.
  • Fell in love with pale ruby-lipped vampire who is perhaps, one of the most "I'm so in touched with my inner emotions" male species I've come across.

[Because men like that do not exist due to that pesky Y chromosome they have at birth.]

Edward, you'll be more swoonsome if you lose the faux sensitivity.

  • A vampire who's very in touch with his feelings. Listens to Debussy and tells the girl he fancies to not be his friend while he's the one making the move the whole time.

(Note to author: men do not tell girls they fancy to stay away. The men will just stay away like plague. Period. Men don't vocalise.)

-- People line up during a showdown. Vampires do that too.

Also, Twilight is perhaps a sex education movie in poor disguise. Where abstinence rules and coming to a big screen near you! The whole "I'm hooked on your scent it's like my personal brand of heroin but I won't kiss you for too long because I don't know if I can control myself" is just... sex-ed in disguise.

As a twenty-something, I find the whole movie... silly and an utter waste of time. A movie only teenagers will fall irrevocably in love with.

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