Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm in the office and there's an earthquake right now.

I'm sitting on my chair in the office and it's trembling because there's a effin earthquake.

I'm on the 16th floor. I'll never make it even if I run.


iPhone designer, common sense, please meet.

Now that I have my phone, I can't believe how lacking the stupid phone is in common features found on EVERY OTHER PHONE ON THE PLANET.

I bought it because it's pretty. Just pure aesthetics.

It's pretty alright. It's also pretty useless sometimes.

1) You can't hang up on an incoming call.

You can let it ring out, or press a button to stop the incessant chiming so it doesn't drive you up the wall. But the caller will STILL be on the line waiting for someone to pick up the phone.

Where's the little red button / feature when you can just hang up without having the poor guy on the other side wait till kingdom come?

2) You can't delete individual call entry.

I call J, I call my mom or I could be calling a certain telco's customer service center because they were messing with me. Sometimes I call them A LOT on 1 day and I kinda not want to keep these entries on my phone.

I can't delete THAT specific entry. I could do it on my Samsung, I could do it on my RAZR, I could do it on Nokia. I can't do it on the iPhone. Why should my call logs be cluttered with numbers of customer service centers? I don't want to keep them!

3) 3MP camera

When the world is moving towards 12MP camera on a phone, Apple came up with 3MP and tried to convince the world that their phone is a breakthough. Pfffft.

Enough said.

4) Wifi VS GPRS

I buy a phone. I want full control of how it accesses the internet and whatever nonsense. I was on free wifi yesterday and for some reason, the signal went out for a few seconds.

iPhone, being the smartass that it is, connected to the net on GPRS, clocked 2MB on data usage and god knows how much the telco is going to charge.

Cost of (362 MB + 15.9MB) = My first born child.

I know people are going to ask me to buy a data plan for "just in case" situations like this. But I buy it to use the free wifi available island wide. I'm a cheapo. Why should I feel coerce into buying a data plan just because the phone doesn't allow me to fully override its settings?

If I buy a phone, I want full control over usage. If the stupid phone wants to switch to GPRS, the least it can do is to NOTIFY/ PROMPT ME. How hard can that be!?

All these gripes just after 2 days of use.

Apple, up your game man.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Table numbers - revamp.

I may have gone a little over the edge after mmmm the "Oops I'm sorry I can't make it to your wedding and I forgot to tell you till you called" fiasco.

I'm revamping my table numbers because I will not stand for Times New Roman at a wedding.

It went from this.

To this.

-- Available at TimelessPaper's Etsy shop

But since I'm crazy and I think I have heaps of time, I'm going to do this.

To be honest, I was a little miffed when I found out I could actually BUY cut butterflies on Etsy. So the time I spent slaving over 100 tiny butterflies could have gone towards something else, say, spa treats to make me look radiant.

*Shakes fist in anger*

And when I saw the wedding I've planned in my head on MOST of the bridal magazines this month, I exploded in anger. Carnage everywhere.

Me: Omg they are stealing my ideas! OMG!!!

J: I'm sure they didn't? It's just a coincidence.

Me: Yeah right. I'm sure my shade of purpl... OMFG THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! MY WEDDING ISN'T SPECIAL ANYMORE!!!


So yeah. I'm irritated and frustrated as hell that everything I thought was special, is now mainstream. There isn't enough tears in the world for this shocker.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Mini silver lining for today.

The only silver lining for this Friday, is that I've managed to exert enough pressure on some telco company to FINALLY give me my effin phone.


More exciting news to follow when I have said phone in hand. I'll clutch it with my ninja grip!

I made J watched Gossip Girl.

I got J to watch Season 3 Episode 1 of Gossip Girl with me. By watch, I mean getting his attention when I laughed like a mad woman at ingenious bits and repeated the lines to emphasize how awesome they were.

I'm going to take this as a victory. He did make me watch 5 seasons of NCIS so we're even.
J: But she's (Blair) so mean!
Me: That's why I love her.

With lines like,
Blair: "I know what you did this summer, and who. Cristiano Ronaldo? I hope you got your shots."

• Vanessa:: "Even Frodo eventually gave in to the power of the Ring."
What's not to love?

Honestly, Gossip Girl is awesome. It does not have an embarrassing name. It's not part of Satan's plan to take over the world and it's sooooooooo much more than high school drama.

It's life, people. It's real.

Time to put on my headband.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Statement necklaces are not for everyone.

I love all things pretty. Things like flowers, shoes, homewares, clothes and accessories such as statement necklaces.

Rise and Shine Necklace

Available at myrakim's Etsy shop

It's too sweet!

I can't pull it off. Not with my specs and office dress code. Well, not in my off time anyway as well. I'll look like a tourist at a tropical island with floral garlands round my neck.

Or worse, a growth of some kind around my neck/chest region.

I can look at them from afar, but I'll never be cool or purrrrty enough to carry them off. Sigh.

Bunnies and cardboard.

Remember these?

From Flowers & Bunny Love.

I've snipped and slaved over 20 rabbits only to realise I need to glue 2 of them back to back so they have eyes on BOTH sides. *Faints*

-- Just print and cut.

Just wondering if 2 normal A4 is thick enough, or should I just find some cardboard to make the bunnies 'sturdier'.

Update: I just taped 2 bunnies back to back with an ice cream stick between. Done!

I want to shop.

I've been trying my very best to stop shopping.

With all the payment due after the wedding, J and I have been frantically saving. At least I have, unlike *cough*someone*cough* who suddenly has a new hobby and needs a SLR camera. Someone who now inundates most of our conversation with camera speak that I don't understand. I don't know who that is. *cough*

My year old clothes are still in great condition. I can wear them to work. I don't need new clothes, right?
Valentino Satin Diamante Bow Pumps will set you back USD$710.22 Available on Net-a-Porter.


The soft supple leather. The luscious sheen and sexy curves. It's so timeless it's an investment.

I swear I'll buy timeless items. Something to last forever.

I want to shop till I drop! Stat!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chuck and Blair forever.

"Are you ok?"

"I am now."

Just forward to 1.05 of the clip. There's a reason why they rock. And this is one of them.

OMFGossip Girl!!!

Dan, you lousy suddenly-popular-kid-who-turns-on-the-one-person-who-saved-you-from-Georgina, you actually forgot she was a demon whom you needed Blair's help to exorcise.

Vanessa, the hippie hobo who always secretly wished she's one of the It girls despite her obvious fake disdain towards them, is now one. And she's now behaving just as mean as the It girls. I hope her mangy hair extensions get caught in the revolving doors to the library.

(I'm mean but she's a fictional character so I'm allowed.)

Seriously, Dan, Georgina and Vanessa need to burn. Go Team Waldorf!

Stationery can be very swoonsome.

I swooned (and almost died fainted) when I saw these.

-- From Grey Likes Weddings

They are perfectly cute and quirky!

Many moons ago I was so inspired by all the goodies I saw online, I decided to embark on an ambitious DIY journey to make my wedding more personal and sugarcoat the event in utter cuteness. I DIY-ed my Save The Dates with little 'tickets' for the guests to use as bookmarks.

Many moons later, and many DIY projects still incomplete with the wedding looming closer and closer, I still think I made the right decision. :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Time is running out.

I may be losing my marbles any time now.

  • Out of town guests called to cancel due to hiccups at the last minute

  • Which meant we may have overbooked on hotel rooms.

  • Empty seats we need to fill

  • And I'm not sure if we have enough invitations for "new" guests.

  • Are "new" guests going to feel offended because they are on List B?

  • No news from the photographer since our pre-wedding shoot, does that mean we look so fugly he needs this much time to photoshop us?

  • More diy decoration to finish

All that on top of the things (work, life, finances etc.) that drive me insane daily.

I'm not stressed, just... very bummed out. I can't believe there are only about 5 more weeks to go and people who promised to be part of the bridal party called up NOW to tell us they can't make it. How on earth am I going to find a replacement now?

Just where and how am I going to fill those seats? I don't want to do what J suggested, "rent a friend". We're not THAT desperate, right?


The birds are not chirping right.

Perhaps the birds are not chirping right, or the haze from the forest fire is getting to me, I'm feeling really snappy lately.

Wedding planning is going ok. Some guests are not coming, I may run out of invitations and I think I may have over-booked hotel rooms since some out of town guests are not coming.

Work has multiplied. My new project is going to roll out soon, and apparently I'm not just handling 1 financial project but ALL FINANCIAL RELATED projects.

This was not my job scope when the management first informed me that they were forcefully taking me out of my old project and giving it to 3 person because it was "resource-intensive" and giving me ONE new one.


Anyhoo all exasperation aside, I'm just going to pick on the English language and grammar today.

Things that bother me:

1) Irregardless
This word does not exist, yet the Management uses it because it's long and it makes them look smart when they use it.

"Irregardless of the snafu, we must deliver."

Regardless = In spite of; without regard to drawback
So "Irregardless" is to REGARD to drawback?

2) Revert
For some reason that escapes me, "revert" is used in official correspondence in place of "reply".

"Going to do something. Please revert asap on any concern."

So is the recipent going to restore to former state/condition?

3) Their

Their /= They are. End of story.

4) Your

Your /= You are. End of story.

5) "Correct me if I'm wrong"

"Correct me if I'm wrong, I think the earth is flat and we should fire a rocket into space to tell all aliens to stay out!"

Why should I? Will you listen? Because obviously the person using the phrase thinks he's right. "Correct me if I'm wrong" makes an awesome name for a comic strip that explores the angst of the average worker. Much like Dilbert.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fresh or fake.

I am terrible with plants.

As much as I love blooms, I have absolutely given up on buying fresh flowers for home. I somehow just kill them just by staring at them adoringly.

Then I saw a pretty bouquet of green ranunculus.

It's plastic. It's cute. They are flowers, albeit very very fake ones.

Should I just give up and stick to plastic flowers, or just keep buying real ones till they stop dying? Decisions decisions.

I need cheering up.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Gossip Girl and J return.

2 weeks to go before Gossip Girl returns to my life.

And 1 week to go before J comes home from work! I'm so excited

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