Tuesday, January 26, 2010

BoConcept coffee table is ingenious.

Another sign I may have lost a few more marbles than I realise.

I can't decide if I should get a BoConcept coffee table.

It's fab. It's about $1500.

For. A. Freaking. Table.

The thing is, I can't bear to look at any other cheap furniture anymore. Once upon a time I could spend hours at Ikea, picturing how my place could have been. But after looking at the good stuff, there is simply no turning back.

BoConcept - Official site


Angela said...

We just looked at this very coffee table while on vacation in San Francisco. It was terrific, principally due to the clever functional design. Nobody likes to admit they eat in the living room watching what they DVR'ed last night -- but it's what we do more often than not. We sat down on two sofas, at right angles to each other, lifted our respective table tops, and had the "ah-ha" moment. I'm a graphic designer and have restored moderne furniture for (I hate to admit it) around 25 years. I have lots of Herman Miller Eames stuff in my house. At some point you have to bow to usability and practicatlity. I don't need my fork falling between the slats of a Nelson bench while I'm watching a Blu-Ray in the dark. We plan to order one of these in the next few weeks and look forward to not sitting on the floor at the present coffeee table eating dinner. I thought the quality was quite good. So many people don't realize what furniture is actually made of, and this is typical -- so look at the hardware and the finish. Do I wish it cost $795 and not the $1200 or so they had it marked as? Sure -- but I haven't found anything else like it at the market, such as at Scan Design, a very excellent chain for modern furniture here in Florida. PS: using my kid's google account, so pleeeeaaase don't respond to her, OK???

Rach said...

hi thanks for the comment!

my husband and i spend a lot of time eating in front of the telly and we love the table! the thought of keeping all the remote controls and the tabletop clutter free is just too exciting.

it's true, we haven't been able to find a table that's even close to this but being newlyweds and (slightly) broke, 1500 is a bit much for a coffee table right now.

anyway thanks for dropping by!

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