Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Family and newlyweds.

I have always been baffled by the term "start a family".

An acquaintance, Ping, announced that she is preggers via MSN messenger. I congratulated her and frankly I was a little shocked by the news. She was married a few months before me and now she's knocked up and shopping for the baby.

-- Yeah, a tiny little fella who laughs nonstop. Hopefully.

Perhaps some people are always more prepared than others. They get married and they fall pregnant 2 months after because they "plan to start a family right away" anyway.

I just have tiny baby nagging questions. Aren't a couple already a family once they get married? Wait, even if they are not married? Why is a baby THE catalyst, THE START of becoming family?

I don't get this.

What about time together for the newlyweds? What about camping or hiking in some far off land, enjoying time together before embarking on a 25 year (time needed before the spawn finishes school and can support itself)? I have nothing against pregos and babies, I just thought there would be more to a marriage than just having a baby immediately after.

I am, as always, unprepared for such life changing events. Good luck mom-to-be!

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