Saturday, March 20, 2010

Google and Lucasfilm, why do you not love me

There is a fair at the lobby of my office building, enticing young minds into the fascinating field of technology and one day, the next Google entrepreneurs.

(I love Google. Employ me!)

I saw that Lucas Animation is coming to give a talk tomorrow afternoon and instantly smiled jadedly at the glossy poster.

Not so many years ago (well a decade. JEBUS CHRIST. (!!!)) I wanted to do special effects so I went ahead to do a degree in computer engineering.

Of course I did not get into animation because to get my teensy weensy toe into the industry I need a portfolio. But to get a portfolio, I need to be in the animation industry.

Catch 22.

Google and Lucasfilm, why do you not love me?

So here I am, stuck in the office working 12 hour shifts on a Saturday performing preventive maintenance on servers. Switch on, install "updates" to "fix" bugs, restart.


So to all students with great aspirations, embrace your enthusiasm and the dream that you will enjoy your job because it is such a fulfilling experience.

Yeah, because a few years down the road when you finish uni, you'll realise that your dreams are so far away that you see Santa wrapping handmade gifts at the North Pole before you even see your dream coming true.

Or something like that.

Cheers to dreams and hopes!

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