Friday, March 05, 2010

If you think things can't get worse.

My life was boring, uneventful and repetitive. Some people find comfort in knowing everything will remain the same but I find it mind numbing. So I decided to change.

I had my hair curled.

I wanted soft waves and channel my inner Blair inclinations. Life would be fun and beautiful, just like hers. (I'm being dramatic because it helps to build expectation and hope.)

I will be happy with Serena's hair too.

But when I looked into the mirror this morning, I saw this.

My life is boring, uneventful and repetitive. And now I have fugly hair. FML!

1 comment:

Bonnie- amour amour said...

So sorry to laugh at your misfortune... but this made me laugh! I know the feeling so well, go in to hairdressers wanting J.LO and come out more Jenny from the Block.

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