Friday, March 19, 2010

My designer makes me look like I'm Michaelangelo.

I have moved into my new home and frankly it has been an adventure.

My new home is not ready, thanks to a very inept interior designer. Well, to call him an interior designer is a joke, because if he is one then I must be Frank Gehry. If he is a painter, I must be Michaelangelo.

You get the idea. I mean, besides getting dimensions of the stuff I want him to make, he didn't do ANYTHING.

I wanted slow closing drawers, so when I nudge the drawers to close it won't slam and make a ruckus.

He wouldn't go to Blum to buy the hardware because it was "difficult".

You walk in, you show them the dimensions and tell them what you want and voila! Drawers bought.

And then he told me I bought the wrong sized drawers even though I brought his drawings along with the dimensions. BUT BUUUUUUUUUT THEY ONLY COME IN 1 SIZE!

He wouldn't buy the electrical switches I want because errr... because.

And then he told me I bought the wrong switches ("Nono it's 2 gang 2 way not 2 gang 1 way") even though I brought HIS friggin' list to the electrical shop.

I wanted the insides of the drawers to have the same color as the outside, which meant they would have to laminate them.

"But none of my customers has done that! And the drawers have been installed so we can't take it apart and laminate them now."

WTF. I don't want to open up my beautiful sleek BLACK drawer just to be blinded by the cheap white non-laminate lining the inside. I wish I'd just covered my eyes and sign for these things at BoConcept instead of having them made.

And a week after we have moved in, they will be coming today to fix all my cupboards and mirrors and whatnot.

I take it with a giant boulder of salt that EVERYTHING will be finished today.

I have a good mind NOT to pay him till he's done with everything.

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