Monday, April 26, 2010

I *heart* Marchesa and rose gold sheen.

I had a very nasty encounter last night with a road bully. He wound down his windows and threw rocks at my car on the highway!!! I hope his bits, rims and spoiler on his stupid little car fall off.

I guess the only thing to lift me out of this incredibly terrifying ordeal is a very beautiful dress.

Picture from

I *heart* Blair.

If I ever have a daughter I'll name her Blair. Or Victoria (the queen, not Beckham).

The sheer gorgeousness (is there such a word?) is beyond words. Lucky for me, Marchesa is opening a flagship store on the island!

I'm not sure when I'll be able to wear it. Maybe to my friends' weddings!!!! A beautiful dress like this is totally recyclable at weddings.

The rose gold sheen, the bow and the intricate lace do not look over the top. They just look like they are meant to be, each feature not fighting over another for attention, but just meld together like a wonderful piece of art.

I want to frame the dress and hang it in my room as art.


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