Friday, April 23, 2010

My quest for peachy fresh and dewy skin.

I have been rather conscious of my appearance for the past few weeks. I can't believe I'm writing this because it's akin to admitting to my vanity, and the apparent lack of good skin.

-- My mirror is bigger.

It is the bane of my life.

I have been cursed with bad skin since my teens. Hideous pores and pimples and the peeling and flaking for no apparent reason. I had low self esteem in my teens because my acne was bad and I really couldn't control my skin. Why would I go out of the house when my skin looked diseased? And of course, why would I go out when some of the girls were blessed with flawless skin? I wasn't about to make myself feel worse by standing next to them.

Anyway my 20s are ending I look dull and tired certain opportunities came by the past few weeks and I thought, I should try and look better. It gives me confidence and perhaps the change I have always been clamouring for will finally happen.

Mingie decided to help me on this. I have errr kind of religiously put on face masks at least once a week. I try to put some powder on my face before I go to work. I am trying to look more presentable.

And I may have also fallen under the spell of Skin Food's Peach and Sake Face Mask.

God it smells peachy fresh and my skin feels better after!

I'm going to keep putting these masks on and hope I don't get breakouts from it and look fresh and dewy. Fingers crossed!

Skin Food SG - Official site

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