Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Skirts - Funky for work.

Though I am about to join another pasture, it is still pretty unclear if it's going to be a greener one, or just a stupid fake lawn that just looks green from above.

Nevertheless I am still going to dress for success!

This means more shopping, longer hemlines and proper heels.

I wonder if this M Missoni skirt fits the bill.

It's fun, colorful and has a decent hemline. I mean looking prim and proper doesn't mean it has to be in black and white, right?

I *heart* Milly. It's colorful and probably not that suitable for work because it looks like a miniskirt. But it's cute!

Leifsdottir came to my attention recently and it is full of cute girly goodness. Frills, polka dots and fun colors, what's not to love?

I wonder if this is a little too frivolous for the corporate world. (Probably.)

Kate Spade's Kayla skirt is colorful and more fitting for the corporate scene. What do you think?

All available from Nordstrom.com

Monday, May 24, 2010

Schememeister: Checkmate and yahtzee.

I have handed in my resignation and I am serving the 2nd week of notice.

I was sent for a course last week at very short notice and a phone call came to tell me that I had been successful in my interviews. I didn't take long to make up my mind.

And it just happened that I had to sign on the offer and hand in my resignation on the first day of my course. After all, who was I to negotiate a later starting date? My manager was really gracious about it, wished me the best and told me to just continue with the course.

Of course the management took it that I threw down the gauntlet and they were willing not to go down without a hissy fit. "How dare she resigned when we send her for a course? HOW UNGRATEFUL?!"

How ungrateful indeed.

In true management style, they (read: actually it was just a SHE) decided to pull me out of the course on the 2nd last day because "there is no point in me attending the course since I've resigned".

I went back to office and it was just putting up a show. I just had to be present. I could be looking at crap all day and it didn't matter. No one gave me anything to do because I was already leaving. In the end I watched Gossip Girl because there wasn't anything I had to do.

I am still undecided on her motive, whether she was being petty or she was just being practical by sending another guy to attend the last day of the course. But the damage was done. It was a major PR fiasco.

Did I plan my resignation so that she would make such a major faux pas? I don't think so. (OR DID I ?????) It was just a simple case of self pwnage that I played no part in. I was just one of the stars that aligned. Checkmate and yahtzee.

-- Natalie Dee rocks!

Anyhooo it doesn't really concern me because I am leaving! YAY!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Way to go, Gossip Girl.

I know I have way too many posts on Gossip Girl all in a row but but... the finale is just waaaaaaaaaay to "WTF JUST HAPPENED" to ignore.

I guess you may want to look away if you haven't caught the last episode just yet.

1. Jenny wearing Nate's shirt and stockings, sitting next to him while he sleeps.

Rolls eyes:
Nate is not going to fall for you. You've done the prancing around your crush wear only his shirt thing before, but teenage girls can't take no for an answer so I get you. But please.

2. Miss Blair loves nothing! Except for shoes, clothes and anything Harry Winston.

Who doesn't!?

3. Dan has to pick up a takeaway coffee to find out who sent the Gossip Girl blast.

Rolls eyes:
Who else can it be, your dad Rufus?! No one else can waltz into your loft IF you lock up. It can only be your family. And by laws of logic and elimination, IT CAN ONLY BE JENNY. EVEN SERENA FIGURED THAT OUT THE INSTANT SHE SAW THE BLAST. AND YOU ARE MAD YOU DIDN'T GET INTO TISCH?!?!

4. Serena yelling at Nate when he confronts her about the blast.

Rolls eyes:
If the sleepover was nothing, why go off the rail at Nate about how both of them screwed up?? And her dear ol dad fed her mom unnecessary meds to keep her dependent on HIM and it's not for Nate to judge if he has made a mistake???
Yeah it's not Nate's place to judge. It's the POLICE's.

5. The smackdown Little J so richly deserved.

It's about time Little J wakes up and smells the pile of crap she so happily tossed all over. Blair was a little harsh because Rufus will always love Jenny, whether she tried to break up his marriage or not.

6. The subliminal messages Blair sees EVERYWHERE.

Sometimes we see things because we want "signs" to justify our decisions. Like Blair and Chuck belong together.

7. Dorota's peeved "Of course not" to Vanya's "Did I miss anything?"

No you did not miss any of the excruciating pain you put me through. Awesome. Just awesome.

8. Dan and Serena.

Rolls eyes:

9. Little J and Chuck.

Rolls eyes WTF:
yes the love of your life didn't show up and you went home for drinks. And deflower a goth girl with friend issues.
Goth girl, way to give it up to the guy who tried to rape you in Season 1 episode 1.


Good god these incestous overtones are making me so mad at Rufus and Lily.

Way to go, parents of the year.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New and black, and girly to boot.

I have decided to celebrate new beginnings and mourn the sad finale of a certain tv show that has me obsessed with shopping.

What can be more fitting than a new black dress???

Leifsdottir's Feliciana Dress. $278

It's $278. In this economy, I should really be careful with money since the stock market just went for a free fall today. But but... it's too cute! And it has feather prints!

Decisions, decisions.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm in agony.

I am attending a course across the island. Gossip Girl ended last night. I keep seeing headlines of Gossip Girl finale EVERYWHERE.

I am avoiding them because I won't let these headlines ruin the last episode of Gossip Girl for me!!!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gossip Girl - Chair Forever!

Gossip Girl ended its 3rd season last night.

I haven't watched it but but.... OMGG the trailers are killing me. I can't wait till I get home tonight.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My headache: Home decorating on a budget.

I am very into home decorating these days, simply because it makes me feel better when I go back to a gorgeous home.

-- from decor8!

I love the little writing desk! Look at the chair! I'd spend time there if it looks that gorgeous.

Thing is, I'm working on little to zero budget so I am one of those people who is trying to pull off Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I don't have a fireplace. I don't have plushy couch. I don't have expensive artsy paintings. And I'm pretty sure I can't afford that upholstered chair.

I really hope I can use all my knick knacks and pointless purchases souvenirs from all my trips to add a certain stylish Vogue Home look.

How can I make my home utterly swoonsome before I throw a housewarming gathering food-fest (of some kind) and let people see the place?

Gotta browse online and get more ideas!

decor8 - link

Age ain't got nothing on her.

Oh my god.

She rocks! Go Granny!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Decorating with a credenza

I am trying to decorate my living room and searching far and wide for a credenza. I haven't found one that is perfect for my home.

Picture taken from i suwannee!

I want something like this in my living room! On a budget!

Le sigh.

I *heart* pink beautiful peonies

Aren't they just beautiful??

©Karin A Fotografi (posted with permission)

I found the picture by Karin A on Creature Comfort

Sigh I really want a nice vase of peonies at home. Nay, many vases of peonies at home!

Nothing makes me go awww than beautiful blooms on a cold Monday morning.

Creature Comfort - link

New York I Love You

But you're bringing me down.

There is something about tune of this song, despite the whole sad and whining bits.

Oh right! The tune is so sad 80s!

And of course I found it via Gossip Girl. It's too traumatic. I can't believe this may be happening.

For everyone who watches Gossip Girl, avoid if you want to watch the remaining 2 episodes of Gossip Girl.



Monday, May 03, 2010

Tubster at work.

I haven't written about The Penguin in ages, mostly because the mere thought of her irks me to no end.

But I guess I could only shut her out for that long before I implode.

You see, The Teletubby Penguin has risen through the ranks because she's someone else's lunch buddy. Yes, she is climbing the ladder despite her utter lack of skills, her Teletubby speak (i.e. repeating the same nonsense a couple of times in fake baby voices) and lack of professionalism.

[Whining and b*tching about colleagues on a blog speak LOUDLY of professionalism. Yeah I know. :/ But in my defence, to vent is human soooo... ]

-- All that steam has to go somewhere

I guess I am not alone, since I have found people who have nothing but disdain for The Penguin. She has become our assistant manager and managed to secure a permanent "roster" of some sort, working till 3pm everyday with the role of escalating problems in a timely fashion.

It just means that if there is a problem, tell her and she will broadcast it to the world. If there isn't a problem, she just sits around till 3pm.

Last Friday some raving lunatic wrote rude emails to my team with regards to a project. The engineer in charge, henceforth known as His Fussiness (long story), informed her of the offensive email and wanted some advice on how best to handle the issue.

-- "Pweeease help me"

The Penguin said, "Since the main manager isn't here today, I'm not going to do anything."


His Fussiness had a look of pure bewilderment, and started going round the team like a lost boy seeking for the road home. A guy finally replied the email, basically telling the lunatic the request was pending HER BOSS'S APPROVAL and there was nothing we could do. Ball-sy move His Fussiness couldn't make. Could not comment on existence of balls guts.

The Penguin gets a promotion for NOT doing anything, all while the company is going through a "productivity & margin improvement" phase. Either The Penguin has got mad skills, somebody knows voodoo.

after note:

I'm not sure if The Penguin is befitting name. She's part Teletubby and penguin. And I feel like calling Tubster. I don't know, Monday isn't a good day for naming nemesis.

The Penguin, trials and tribulations - link

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