Monday, May 24, 2010

Schememeister: Checkmate and yahtzee.

I have handed in my resignation and I am serving the 2nd week of notice.

I was sent for a course last week at very short notice and a phone call came to tell me that I had been successful in my interviews. I didn't take long to make up my mind.

And it just happened that I had to sign on the offer and hand in my resignation on the first day of my course. After all, who was I to negotiate a later starting date? My manager was really gracious about it, wished me the best and told me to just continue with the course.

Of course the management took it that I threw down the gauntlet and they were willing not to go down without a hissy fit. "How dare she resigned when we send her for a course? HOW UNGRATEFUL?!"

How ungrateful indeed.

In true management style, they (read: actually it was just a SHE) decided to pull me out of the course on the 2nd last day because "there is no point in me attending the course since I've resigned".

I went back to office and it was just putting up a show. I just had to be present. I could be looking at crap all day and it didn't matter. No one gave me anything to do because I was already leaving. In the end I watched Gossip Girl because there wasn't anything I had to do.

I am still undecided on her motive, whether she was being petty or she was just being practical by sending another guy to attend the last day of the course. But the damage was done. It was a major PR fiasco.

Did I plan my resignation so that she would make such a major faux pas? I don't think so. (OR DID I ?????) It was just a simple case of self pwnage that I played no part in. I was just one of the stars that aligned. Checkmate and yahtzee.

-- Natalie Dee rocks!

Anyhooo it doesn't really concern me because I am leaving! YAY!

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