Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Skirts - Funky for work.

Though I am about to join another pasture, it is still pretty unclear if it's going to be a greener one, or just a stupid fake lawn that just looks green from above.

Nevertheless I am still going to dress for success!

This means more shopping, longer hemlines and proper heels.

I wonder if this M Missoni skirt fits the bill.

It's fun, colorful and has a decent hemline. I mean looking prim and proper doesn't mean it has to be in black and white, right?

I *heart* Milly. It's colorful and probably not that suitable for work because it looks like a miniskirt. But it's cute!

Leifsdottir came to my attention recently and it is full of cute girly goodness. Frills, polka dots and fun colors, what's not to love?

I wonder if this is a little too frivolous for the corporate world. (Probably.)

Kate Spade's Kayla skirt is colorful and more fitting for the corporate scene. What do you think?

All available from Nordstrom.com

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