Monday, May 03, 2010

Tubster at work.

I haven't written about The Penguin in ages, mostly because the mere thought of her irks me to no end.

But I guess I could only shut her out for that long before I implode.

You see, The Teletubby Penguin has risen through the ranks because she's someone else's lunch buddy. Yes, she is climbing the ladder despite her utter lack of skills, her Teletubby speak (i.e. repeating the same nonsense a couple of times in fake baby voices) and lack of professionalism.

[Whining and b*tching about colleagues on a blog speak LOUDLY of professionalism. Yeah I know. :/ But in my defence, to vent is human soooo... ]

-- All that steam has to go somewhere

I guess I am not alone, since I have found people who have nothing but disdain for The Penguin. She has become our assistant manager and managed to secure a permanent "roster" of some sort, working till 3pm everyday with the role of escalating problems in a timely fashion.

It just means that if there is a problem, tell her and she will broadcast it to the world. If there isn't a problem, she just sits around till 3pm.

Last Friday some raving lunatic wrote rude emails to my team with regards to a project. The engineer in charge, henceforth known as His Fussiness (long story), informed her of the offensive email and wanted some advice on how best to handle the issue.

-- "Pweeease help me"

The Penguin said, "Since the main manager isn't here today, I'm not going to do anything."


His Fussiness had a look of pure bewilderment, and started going round the team like a lost boy seeking for the road home. A guy finally replied the email, basically telling the lunatic the request was pending HER BOSS'S APPROVAL and there was nothing we could do. Ball-sy move His Fussiness couldn't make. Could not comment on existence of balls guts.

The Penguin gets a promotion for NOT doing anything, all while the company is going through a "productivity & margin improvement" phase. Either The Penguin has got mad skills, somebody knows voodoo.

after note:

I'm not sure if The Penguin is befitting name. She's part Teletubby and penguin. And I feel like calling Tubster. I don't know, Monday isn't a good day for naming nemesis.

The Penguin, trials and tribulations - link

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