Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My dream walk-in closet.

When I caught Sex and the City 2 two week ago, I gasped in utter delight when I laid eyes on it. I want this.

I want a walk in wardrobe the size of my room with an island in the middle for all my danglies. The wardrobe will have lights on each shelf, and perhaps some kind of humidity control so all my our clothes are well kept. I will have ample room to hang almost all my clothes and I can bid farewell to fold lines.

And of course our walk-in wardrobe will lead to a bathroom with his and hers amenities. Life will be complete.

But due to the lack of space, and a greater lack of money to buy a bigger apartment to allow lustworthy walk in wardrobe, I will have to settle. I can't afford to redo the apartment. I will just occupy the wardrobe in the next room and make do with those cute white padded hangers.

-- The closest I can get to that closet.

But how can I turn the other room into a walk in wardrobe without compromising it as a study?? By adding pops of color?

Look at it in all its glory! I love colors. I sound like a babbling goon but colors work wonders on moods. Mine especially. Maybe I just want the upholstered chair.

I wonder if J will roll his eyes.

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