Thursday, July 22, 2010

iOS4 - Official Bane of My Life.

I have to say, Apple really messed up on iOS4.

I upgraded months after the OS was released and now my beloved phone has turned into a major pain. I used to love it. I could play games, take notes, read my mail and news in peace. It was just what I want my phone to do.

And now, I can't download my email properly because Mail hangs. The screen turns white and it remains white when I tap on the Mail icon again.

My games are now Black Screen of Death. Or they will load and then hang. I see the graphics but nothing happens when I tap on anything and everything.

I hate the Archive option in Mail. I just want to delete the junk that is sent to my email address with 1 swipe. But now, I have to load the damn junk just to delete it.

My networking options are now cranky as hell. Turning on 3G and Cellular Data makes EVERYTHING I have listed above happen ALL AT THE SAME FREAKING TIME.

iOS4 isn't significantly faster and I don't really care about the silly wallpaper that is customizable on any phone eons ago that is only available to iPhone iOS4 now.

Just make my damn phone work seamlessly and flawlessly again!

I want my iPhone 3.1.3 back. Damn you Apple. Make the downgrade legit and available to customers damnit.

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