Saturday, July 17, 2010

New job and fading away fast.

Wow time does pass quickly. It will soon be 1 month since I jumped ship.

Work isn't hectic but it is starting to pick up steam. The good thing is I'm learning a lot from this new job and there is just so much to do! Still I am learning how I fit in the office.

The office network isn't as flexible as my previous workplace's. No surfing nor chatting on MSN Messenger. Just pure uninterrupted Microsoft Office work all day. All week. I get home at 8pm or 9pm. Eat, shower, sleep. Rinse and repeat.

I feel... productive. But somehow I feel I have aged overnight from the stress. I am tired, and I have the sniffles. ALL the time.

I feel I have lost my life. Goodbye youth and self-expression!

Seriously I should make more time for myself. Coming home and going to bed almost immediately just makes me feel like I'm fading away.

Le sigh.

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