Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I heart Mad Men.

I am a huge fan of Mad Men.

The scene is set in New York in the swinging 60s and the set is just amazing to watch. The storyline, the social behaviour of people back then and of course the amazing acting have me deeply drawn to the show.

Don Draper is living the American dream. Great job, beautiful wife, 2 adorable children, job and a lovely home. He has everything everyone else wants. But underneath all that is perfect, he has issues. So do his wife, boss and children. Everyone has something to hide, and they hide them well.

Everyone wants to shout at all that is wrong, but they keep quiet while the issues slowly eat away at them. They don't have to say them in words, but the look, their little moves give it all away. The show is THAT good.
And my favourite character of all? Roger Sterling played by John Slattery.

You silver fox you.

Womanising, chain cigarette smoking man boy who does whatever he wants, whenever he wants because he's rich, entitled and he knows it. And I love him.

I am trying really hard not to watch Season 4 of Mad Men because waiting for 1 episode a week is just a torture! I wait for the DVD set, and I camp in front of my telly, watching hours after hours of Mad Men because you just can't stop.

This is what tv shows should be. Compelling.

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