Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Incapable of thought and headache from my iPhone.

After making the switch, I realize that I no longer have the capacity for thoughts of any kind. I am now incapable of thinking outside of work.

Perhaps I wasn't as taxed at my previous job, I was interested in things outside my world. I read, I pen down my thoughts, I mingled with my friends and whined about my dead end job. Now I go through 12 hour days of pure work, spending only a little of those remaining 12 hours eating, stoning in front of the telly unaware of what I'm watching and eventually falling asleep while the tv blares on.

God I'm 60.

I sleep like the dead now by the way. So if my place ever caught fire, or some natural disaster befall on the little island where my tired body sleeps, I am definitely gone. I probably won't feel a thing. I think.

But touch wood!

-- Wood-eeeeee

Moving on, my current job has its interesting bits. I meet different people even though my job for each client is similar. I show up, smile, shake hand and wait for them to get things ready. This takes anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours, and it dawned on me. I can use this gap to do what I miss. To read, to pen my thoughts and to chat with friends on my tiny iPhone!

Seriously, I think I'm dying from whatever the iPhone is emitting. The constant use of data for games and chat apps is giving my a headache. I get dizzy and nauseous, as if I'm car sick in my office seat. It does not feel good at all.

Does it mean a brand new iPhone 4 won't give me a headache since its antenna doesn't work? Zing!

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