Monday, August 30, 2010

Mac is calling out to me. Again.

J just received a phone call so he will be flying back to work tomorrow morning. Sucks to be us.

His Sony Crapio is playing up again. It will hang while trying to sync his iPod, heats up enough to cook a steak and shuts down automatically. We would wait till the machine cools enough and start it up again, just to see it shut down 15 to 20 minutes later.

We just couldn't get anything done on that piece of expensive meat grill anymore.

J wanted to buy a new laptop and since I'm the best wife ever in the history of mankind and fish life, I gave him my brand new Macbook Pro. I loved the Mac so much I didn't put anything on it. It was still pristine.

I got the MacBook Pro because I didn't have a home computer for my personal use. My old trusty IBM has died. The old Acer I've inherited from J is filled with crap (he actually volunteered his laptop to be used by EVERYONE). And I get a barely working computer when I piece the Acer and IBM together. I can't possibly use the office Lenovo ThinkPad for personal work, since Big Brother can friggin' trace everything.

OMG how am I going to sync my iPhone/iPad?
OMG how am I going to chat with my friends since I can't install MSN Messenger on my work laptop?

I want a new computer.

The usage will be extremely light. It will take up too much room. It will be a white elephant.

But it's gonna be so pweeeeeeeeetty!

What am I going to do? Help please?

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