Thursday, August 26, 2010

My bedroom is still in shambles.

I have moved into my unit since March and my place is still in a mess. It rivals a teenager's den. Seriously.

We are still searching for the perfect sideboard, the perfect bedside table, the perfect paintings and all the other perfect trimmings that make a home.

-- Taken from decor8

Look at the bright colors!

I know my home will never look like this. We don't have days this bright, well mostly because
  1. I chose heavy curtains to block the light out when I want a big sleep-in,
  2. the giant trees in the park next to our unit has shielded us from the hot hot sun, and
  3. the walls in my unit aren't white like these!

I want fresh flowers! Somewhere to casually hang my hat and look cool! My knick knacks to sit pretty on table top.

I need a professional decorator.

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