Friday, September 03, 2010

Energy, focus and all the reading I want to do.

There are about a gazillion things I want/need (whatever) to do but I am just too tired and unfocused to go about doing them. Like

  1. Reading my Dan Brown book. I got to maybe page 6 and I had to put it down. My eyes were tired and the words were swirling.

  2. Cleaning the house like Martha Stewart. This is not supposed to be that high on the list, because I should be doing things for ME, not for errr everyone.

  3. Cleaning my jewellery and putting them in the pretty jewelry box J got me for Christmas. The jewelry box is still in the gift box with the ribbon. Believe it.

  4. Swimming. I hate my flabby thighs.

  5. Reading my InStyle magazine. I didn't just spend $12 just to let the magazine collect dust like all my other mags from, errr let's see, last October (because I was too busy preparing for my wedding).

I used to be crazy about reading. I would get a book, plopped myself on a comfy seat and I wouldn't budge till I finished the book at one go. Mom used to nag at me because she said I wasn't maxing out my storybooks. I read a book a day, read each book once and I would run out. We didn't have money when I was little, so it was hard for mom to buy us books, especially when we went through them so quickly.

Now I have so many unfinished books sitting at home, and these are the 3 I can remember.
  1. The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

  2. The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

  3. The Extreme Future: The Top Trends That Will Reshape the World in the Next 20 Years by James Canton

  4. all the other books J bought.

And I want to read Stieg Larsson!

But I know myself better than to get the trilogy. By the time I finish those books, the movie will be out on DVD special director's cut with extended scenes platinum edition. I will take THAT long.

How do I get my energy and focus back? Any advice?

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