Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The little things J does - flower surprise.

I haven't written anything on "10 things men don't know about women in ages", mostly because I stopped thinking about it. Plus, most people assume I was writing about J when I was not.

I'm just going to write "The little things J does".

J got me some flowers one evening.

We were actually shopping for groceries and while we were making our way to the carpark, J said he had forgotten to get cereal. So we trudged back and I waited outside the supermarket with bags of groceries while J ran in to get his cereal.

He came back with Weet-Bix and bunches of supermarket flowers.

It was a nice surprise! They were not fancy but it was so sweet of him. I went "Awwww... oh."

They were the wrong flowers. Well, they are usually flowers for offerings temples.

Yeeeah. Ermm 100 points for the effort and nice thought though!

Needless to say, J was a little upset when he knew he got temple flowers. He thought the colors were bright and they would make me happy. He liked them, and of course I smiled and said I loved them too.

And everytime anyone asked me about the flowers, J winced. And by anyone I meant my brother and cousin who live with us, my parents and our friends who came over one day.

10 months into our marriage and I guess I'll have more stories on J as we grow old together. Haha

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