Monday, September 06, 2010

Monday, smirking and snappy people.

Monday morning meetings are always the worst. People are grumpy about how short the weekend was, grumpy about how they had to spend time planning the meeting over the weekend, grumpy about the traffic on Monday mornings etc.

Basically, just plain ol' grumpy all over.

I had a meeting with some clients this morning and it was the first time I had met a client who is so defensive. 3 of their representatives turned up for the meeting and 2 of them were very kind and cooperative. All except the Governator.

Actually our project was supposed to start today. We showed up at 10am, with the understanding that all the documents were ready. Instead it turned into a clarification meeting, going through item by item ("what's this? Can I not give you these?"). All this could have been done prior to the project start date.

We tried to explain that we needed to verify all the documents for this project, but he was so defensive, claiming that he couldn't given them to us because he saw no purpose for us to go through his documents.

It's like someone at the immigration, refusing to show his passport because the customs officer should believe he's a citizen even though he refused to show proof.

I was just taken aback at all the smirking, eye rolling and plain obnoxious attitude he was throwing at us. I mean, what happened? This can't be his first project. Did the planet Mars not align with Jupiter or something, so Monday meant war for his star sign? Anyway care factor = zero.

-- I'm zen like that

His other 2 colleagues were more cooperative, saying that they would give us the documents shortly. That was 11am, it's almost 3pm now and I have yet to seen a shred of paper.

So how was your Monday?

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