Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Plan my holiday wardrobe.

J and I will be going on our honeymoon early next year and I can't wait for us to travel!

We were torn between having a relaxing time at a beach somewhere or doing some sightseeing during our honeymoon. We picked the latter because we would most probably get bored at the beach and I'm not sure if he wants to do water sports, since he goes to sea for a living.

-- It sure looks inviting though

So, onto Europe we shall!

I want sweet treats at a chic french cafe with the Eiffel Tower behind us. A la Blair.

I want to look chic during my honeymoon. Sightseeing, city hopping and of course shopping!

I want to look like this. Effortlessly chic. Jeans will be part of my wardrobe but I am not going to be one of those fugly tourist in default tourist combo (jeans + tshirt + horrendous jacket). I intend to pack light (difficulty: very high) because I simply can't imagine lugging pieces of luggage through Heathrow trying to catch a plane to Rome. I'm going to buy my way through Europe, and it will be spectacular. Prada outlets? I'm so there.

-- omg I want to live there

It will be late winter - early spring so it's going to be cold. Boots are in order.

Reminds me so much of Betty Draper, and so aptly named! Riding boots are going to be more comfortable to explore the city in than boots with heels.

I really can't wait to plan our honeymoon and my honeymoon wardrobe!

Help me plan them!

Where to buy:
1. ASOS Cotton Crochet Shift Dress - £38

2. Betty riding boots - $298

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