Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gazillion magazines for keeps.

I have a gazillion magazines piled up at home, all unread and very very urm, out of date.

-- so many magazines, yet so neat and chic

I buy lots of magazines, most of them imported ones just because I love the pictures writing. Then came marriage.

Wedding preparation sent me into a tizzy and my focus shifted onto Martha Stewart Weddings and all things weddingy for a good 10 months! Needless to say, the fashion magazines I picked up were put aside while I kidded myself that I would eventually squeeze out whatever time I had left to flip through.

Then we moved. The same situation happened again, and this time I spent a fortune on home renovating and decor magazines while buying fashion magazines at the same time. All the while, I thought I would seriously get back to 18 months of magazines right after our home was done up.

My Place is done up but looks nothing like this. *weeps*

It's October, 7 months after we moved. I have waaaaay too many unread magazines, excluding the ones J orders. Each magazine costs around $10 and you do the math. Omg I feel so ashamed at wasting all that money!

My new home is cluttered with old unread magazines I can't bear to throw away nor the time to read. Can someone tell me what I should do with the mags? Save me!

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