Monday, October 11, 2010

Gossip Girl means war. No limits.

(Do not read if you're a Gossip Girl fan and you haven't watched Season 4 yet.)

I love this scene. It looks too purrrrrty.

This week's episode was sooooo good. Eva is finally gone, thank god. I can never figure out what she's saying. Blame it on the French accent, or just poor English I don't know and I don't really care. She's gone. Just go back to Beauxbatons already.

Chuck rushed to confront Blair. “Do you hate me so much, that you can’t stand to see me happy?” He inquired. “Is it possible that you still love me?”

I threw my arms in the air and yelped with unbridled joy. (My brother actually looked up from his intense game of WoW and wondered if I struck the lottery.) FINALLY THE MOMENT HAD ARRIVED! CHAIR FOREVER!!!

And this happened.

“How could I still love you after what you did?”

I couldn't believe my ears. She looked at him with love and said what?!

Yes Blair you still love Chuck. You are angry at him for doing what he did, and angry at yourself for loving Chuck even though he did the unforgivable. Oh my god this is the self loathing, self destruction "I love you so I'm pushing you away" crap that all girls do to themselves.

"This means war, Blair. Me versus you. No limits."


It's just so painful to watch them tear each other apart. But maybe it's a huge reboot for Chair, to go back to their scheming ways which eventually brought them together in Season 1.

Here's hoping!

Gossip Girl 4x04 - Watch the scene unfold here

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