Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I heart Mad Men.

I am a huge fan of Mad Men.

The scene is set in New York in the swinging 60s and the set is just amazing to watch. The storyline, the social behaviour of people back then and of course the amazing acting have me deeply drawn to the show.

Don Draper is living the American dream. Great job, beautiful wife, 2 adorable children, job and a lovely home. He has everything everyone else wants. But underneath all that is perfect, he has issues. So do his wife, boss and children. Everyone has something to hide, and they hide them well.

Everyone wants to shout at all that is wrong, but they keep quiet while the issues slowly eat away at them. They don't have to say them in words, but the look, their little moves give it all away. The show is THAT good.
And my favourite character of all? Roger Sterling played by John Slattery.

You silver fox you.

Womanising, chain cigarette smoking man boy who does whatever he wants, whenever he wants because he's rich, entitled and he knows it. And I love him.

I am trying really hard not to watch Season 4 of Mad Men because waiting for 1 episode a week is just a torture! I wait for the DVD set, and I camp in front of my telly, watching hours after hours of Mad Men because you just can't stop.

This is what tv shows should be. Compelling.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Mac is calling out to me. Again.

J just received a phone call so he will be flying back to work tomorrow morning. Sucks to be us.

His Sony Crapio is playing up again. It will hang while trying to sync his iPod, heats up enough to cook a steak and shuts down automatically. We would wait till the machine cools enough and start it up again, just to see it shut down 15 to 20 minutes later.

We just couldn't get anything done on that piece of expensive meat grill anymore.

J wanted to buy a new laptop and since I'm the best wife ever in the history of mankind and fish life, I gave him my brand new Macbook Pro. I loved the Mac so much I didn't put anything on it. It was still pristine.

I got the MacBook Pro because I didn't have a home computer for my personal use. My old trusty IBM has died. The old Acer I've inherited from J is filled with crap (he actually volunteered his laptop to be used by EVERYONE). And I get a barely working computer when I piece the Acer and IBM together. I can't possibly use the office Lenovo ThinkPad for personal work, since Big Brother can friggin' trace everything.

OMG how am I going to sync my iPhone/iPad?
OMG how am I going to chat with my friends since I can't install MSN Messenger on my work laptop?

I want a new computer.

The usage will be extremely light. It will take up too much room. It will be a white elephant.

But it's gonna be so pweeeeeeeeetty!

What am I going to do? Help please?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My bedroom is still in shambles.

I have moved into my unit since March and my place is still in a mess. It rivals a teenager's den. Seriously.

We are still searching for the perfect sideboard, the perfect bedside table, the perfect paintings and all the other perfect trimmings that make a home.

-- Taken from decor8

Look at the bright colors!

I know my home will never look like this. We don't have days this bright, well mostly because
  1. I chose heavy curtains to block the light out when I want a big sleep-in,
  2. the giant trees in the park next to our unit has shielded us from the hot hot sun, and
  3. the walls in my unit aren't white like these!

I want fresh flowers! Somewhere to casually hang my hat and look cool! My knick knacks to sit pretty on table top.

I need a professional decorator.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gossip Girl Preview - OMD

Sacre Blair!

September 13, 2010. I will not be available.


Lunch cravings - Sushi Tei.

It's 9 minutes to lunch and I have a sudden craving for Sushi Tei's Squid Ink Pasta Japanese style!

It's black, slimy and tastes divine.

Squid with roe and wakame.

I lurve Japanese food. Japanese pasta, authentic Japanese dishes to simply Japanese home cooking. I love them all.

Japanese food is very particular on what's fresh, what's in season and presentation. Lightly seasoned, you can still savour the taste of the individual ingredients. I love the fact that I feel healthier with every bite I take.

I am suddenly inspired to pick up Japanese cooking!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Incapable of thought and headache from my iPhone.

After making the switch, I realize that I no longer have the capacity for thoughts of any kind. I am now incapable of thinking outside of work.

Perhaps I wasn't as taxed at my previous job, I was interested in things outside my world. I read, I pen down my thoughts, I mingled with my friends and whined about my dead end job. Now I go through 12 hour days of pure work, spending only a little of those remaining 12 hours eating, stoning in front of the telly unaware of what I'm watching and eventually falling asleep while the tv blares on.

God I'm 60.

I sleep like the dead now by the way. So if my place ever caught fire, or some natural disaster befall on the little island where my tired body sleeps, I am definitely gone. I probably won't feel a thing. I think.

But touch wood!

-- Wood-eeeeee

Moving on, my current job has its interesting bits. I meet different people even though my job for each client is similar. I show up, smile, shake hand and wait for them to get things ready. This takes anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours, and it dawned on me. I can use this gap to do what I miss. To read, to pen my thoughts and to chat with friends on my tiny iPhone!

Seriously, I think I'm dying from whatever the iPhone is emitting. The constant use of data for games and chat apps is giving my a headache. I get dizzy and nauseous, as if I'm car sick in my office seat. It does not feel good at all.

Does it mean a brand new iPhone 4 won't give me a headache since its antenna doesn't work? Zing!

I want me some macaroons.

I want some macaroons right this second!

A strong cup of tea to go with the dazzlingly sweet macaroon on a cloudy day. My life will be complete.

[meanwhile I'm trapped in some client's office sneezing my head off. Dreaming about macaroons. Woe is me!]

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Be gone, tired skin!

I am so worn out from work that I have aged overnight. My skin is dull and sallow. I have dark eye circles goth chicks approve of. My hair no longer shines and I worry I may start having jowls soon.

Which probably explained why I went mad on face masks.

I bought all these.

-- I need THAT much help.

I am not about to bow down to wrinkles and tired skin! I'm not going to walk with my head down every time I pass my a teenage girl with her dewy youthful skin. I'm gonna mask the hell out of my face every other night and look fresh every friggin day!

I sound like the Queen from Snow White.

And a little crazy.

How's your week so far?

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