Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Plan my holiday wardrobe.

J and I will be going on our honeymoon early next year and I can't wait for us to travel!

We were torn between having a relaxing time at a beach somewhere or doing some sightseeing during our honeymoon. We picked the latter because we would most probably get bored at the beach and I'm not sure if he wants to do water sports, since he goes to sea for a living.

-- It sure looks inviting though

So, onto Europe we shall!

I want sweet treats at a chic french cafe with the Eiffel Tower behind us. A la Blair.

I want to look chic during my honeymoon. Sightseeing, city hopping and of course shopping!

I want to look like this. Effortlessly chic. Jeans will be part of my wardrobe but I am not going to be one of those fugly tourist in default tourist combo (jeans + tshirt + horrendous jacket). I intend to pack light (difficulty: very high) because I simply can't imagine lugging pieces of luggage through Heathrow trying to catch a plane to Rome. I'm going to buy my way through Europe, and it will be spectacular. Prada outlets? I'm so there.

-- omg I want to live there

It will be late winter - early spring so it's going to be cold. Boots are in order.

Reminds me so much of Betty Draper, and so aptly named! Riding boots are going to be more comfortable to explore the city in than boots with heels.

I really can't wait to plan our honeymoon and my honeymoon wardrobe!

Help me plan them!

Where to buy:
1. ASOS Cotton Crochet Shift Dress - £38

2. Betty riding boots - $298

I *heart* Hermes Kelly.

I want one.

Enough said.

Spring 2011 - Rachel Comey

Spring 2011 - Rachel Comey

The pattern looks fresh and young. I don't have to feel like a 30 year old.

The clothes are just so wearable! I love the shift dresses. Easy and polished. Perfecto!

I like the red. It's vibrant yet not jarring.

Camel is in.

It's just too bad it's not my color. I'll look like a giant piece of leather. But I do love the cut and side pockets!

God I need to shop.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fashion victim and everything wrong.

It was an assault on my senses.

I was flabbergasted. Stunned. Speechless.

It could be a full moon, or that the heat from the burning tyres of F1 race cars were so stifling and uncomfortable that scantily clad skanks were out in full force.

It was almost 11pm, and I was so frustrated at the lack of cabs that I Zen-ed out at the taxi stand, staring at the crowd walking past while waiting for that one elusive cab to take me home. Till I saw her.

She mustn't have been any more than 25, and perhaps she thought she looked hot and sexy but boy was did she thought wrong. Decked out in a corset, a cheap frilly tiered skirt, sky high platforms, cheap hair extensions (because they looked taped on and they were in a different shade than her own hair) and a face full of makeup that would make Cirque du Soleil look pale and sickly, she paced the taxi stand.

She looked like a backup dancer from the set of Moulin Rouge without the figure, or just a sad streetwalker who caters exclusively to clowns.

It was sheer horror.

I looked away because it made me angry. Angry that she could leave the house looking like a streetwalker and her family didn't stop her, and angry at myself for even being mad at her in the first place.

I turned away, and I caught people staring at her so I guess I wasn't the only one appalled. I don't know what they thought but if I have a daughter, she will not leave the house in what looks like underwear!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A blend of pop culture - genius.

This. Is. Awesome.

This is what happens when you marry the 2 things I enjoy.

Ok just watch it side by side.

My love for Mad Men runs deep, which is why I'm posting link to great downloadable stuff you can customize anything and everything with!

I would put Betty Draper or Mr Silver Fox Roger Sterling as my IM icon. Batsh*t crazy woman with god knows how many demons in her head to a charming and sometimes faithful philanderer.

I don't know how Mr. Silver Fox could be both at the same time, how oxymoronic it reads but he is totally so swoonsome I want to update my swoonsome men list.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I want Mad Men on my phone.

I love Mad Men.

Despite all the chain smoking, drinking, bigotry, and rampant screwiness, I utterly enjoy every bit of it. I love it so much I'm listening to the groovy opening song to the hit show.

OMG I want it as my ringtone!!!

I heart mom and hydrangeas.

My mom bought a pot of my favourite blooms!

This made my weekend. Too delicate and purrrrty!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The GG nuclear winter is over.

It's September 13.

FINALLY the nuclear winter is over and all is well in her queendom.

Gossip Girl returns!


Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The little things J does - flower surprise.

I haven't written anything on "10 things men don't know about women in ages", mostly because I stopped thinking about it. Plus, most people assume I was writing about J when I was not.

I'm just going to write "The little things J does".

J got me some flowers one evening.

We were actually shopping for groceries and while we were making our way to the carpark, J said he had forgotten to get cereal. So we trudged back and I waited outside the supermarket with bags of groceries while J ran in to get his cereal.

He came back with Weet-Bix and bunches of supermarket flowers.

It was a nice surprise! They were not fancy but it was so sweet of him. I went "Awwww... oh."

They were the wrong flowers. Well, they are usually flowers for offerings temples.

Yeeeah. Ermm 100 points for the effort and nice thought though!

Needless to say, J was a little upset when he knew he got temple flowers. He thought the colors were bright and they would make me happy. He liked them, and of course I smiled and said I loved them too.

And everytime anyone asked me about the flowers, J winced. And by anyone I meant my brother and cousin who live with us, my parents and our friends who came over one day.

10 months into our marriage and I guess I'll have more stories on J as we grow old together. Haha

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Keep calm and carry on.

After I used a "Keep calm and carry on" picture for my previous post, I am tempted to get a print of this and hang it at home.

It has history, and it looks cute and chic.

Too purrrty!

The "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster was designed by the British government in 1939 during the World War 2. I had no idea! It is simple, and to the point. I think this is what effective advertising is all about, and all advertising should be like this.

All I want is a cuppa tea now, before I soldier on with work and life.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Monday, smirking and snappy people.

Monday morning meetings are always the worst. People are grumpy about how short the weekend was, grumpy about how they had to spend time planning the meeting over the weekend, grumpy about the traffic on Monday mornings etc.

Basically, just plain ol' grumpy all over.

I had a meeting with some clients this morning and it was the first time I had met a client who is so defensive. 3 of their representatives turned up for the meeting and 2 of them were very kind and cooperative. All except the Governator.

Actually our project was supposed to start today. We showed up at 10am, with the understanding that all the documents were ready. Instead it turned into a clarification meeting, going through item by item ("what's this? Can I not give you these?"). All this could have been done prior to the project start date.

We tried to explain that we needed to verify all the documents for this project, but he was so defensive, claiming that he couldn't given them to us because he saw no purpose for us to go through his documents.

It's like someone at the immigration, refusing to show his passport because the customs officer should believe he's a citizen even though he refused to show proof.

I was just taken aback at all the smirking, eye rolling and plain obnoxious attitude he was throwing at us. I mean, what happened? This can't be his first project. Did the planet Mars not align with Jupiter or something, so Monday meant war for his star sign? Anyway care factor = zero.

-- I'm zen like that

His other 2 colleagues were more cooperative, saying that they would give us the documents shortly. That was 11am, it's almost 3pm now and I have yet to seen a shred of paper.

So how was your Monday?

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Humility is dead.

Overheard 2 university students walking in front of me on my way home.

"My only shortcoming is that I'm a team player."

Oh my god, face-palm. How. Modest. Not.
Just how delusional can people get?!?!

Friday, September 03, 2010

Quiet night in.

It's 7pm, Friday and the candle is lit.

-- my humble home

I'm putting my feet up, sipping my OJ and giving it another go at The Lost Symbol.

I am relieved at having a quiet night in!

Energy, focus and all the reading I want to do.

There are about a gazillion things I want/need (whatever) to do but I am just too tired and unfocused to go about doing them. Like

  1. Reading my Dan Brown book. I got to maybe page 6 and I had to put it down. My eyes were tired and the words were swirling.

  2. Cleaning the house like Martha Stewart. This is not supposed to be that high on the list, because I should be doing things for ME, not for errr everyone.

  3. Cleaning my jewellery and putting them in the pretty jewelry box J got me for Christmas. The jewelry box is still in the gift box with the ribbon. Believe it.

  4. Swimming. I hate my flabby thighs.

  5. Reading my InStyle magazine. I didn't just spend $12 just to let the magazine collect dust like all my other mags from, errr let's see, last October (because I was too busy preparing for my wedding).

I used to be crazy about reading. I would get a book, plopped myself on a comfy seat and I wouldn't budge till I finished the book at one go. Mom used to nag at me because she said I wasn't maxing out my storybooks. I read a book a day, read each book once and I would run out. We didn't have money when I was little, so it was hard for mom to buy us books, especially when we went through them so quickly.

Now I have so many unfinished books sitting at home, and these are the 3 I can remember.
  1. The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

  2. The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

  3. The Extreme Future: The Top Trends That Will Reshape the World in the Next 20 Years by James Canton

  4. all the other books J bought.

And I want to read Stieg Larsson!

But I know myself better than to get the trilogy. By the time I finish those books, the movie will be out on DVD special director's cut with extended scenes platinum edition. I will take THAT long.

How do I get my energy and focus back? Any advice?

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Sea breeze and salty sea air.

I was doing my daily check on Creature Comforts that I saw these.

-- Taken from Creature Comforts

I miss J. I miss the sea. I miss the sea breeze and salty sea air. I miss boats. I even miss the smell of gas with salty sea air.

I need a vacation. Somewhere quiet, idyllic and far from civilization.

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