Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Best conversation of the day.

Best conversation of the day.

(3:40:43 PM) little fish: watch gossip girl
(3:43:37 PM) Ad:: My fav soapy drama
(3:43:37 PM) Ad:: Fwah
(3:43:37 PM) Ad:: Xoxo
(3:44:12 PM) little fish: is it!
(3:44:23 PM) little fish: xoxo
(3:44:25 PM) little fish: snarky
(3:44:26 PM) little fish: hahaha
(3:45:35 PM) Ad:: Hehe
(3:45:45 PM) Ad:: I don't find the chicks pretty
(3:45:58 PM) Ad:: But I like what the guys wear
(3:46:07 PM) little fish: i like what the girls wear
(3:46:11 PM) little fish: blair ftw!
(3:46:17 PM) little fish: my heroine
(3:46:27 PM) little fish: well i like what blair wears
(3:46:28 PM) Ad:: Really
(3:46:32 PM) Ad:: There's this guy
(3:46:36 PM) Ad:: Bad boy
(3:46:37 PM) little fish: the rest are kinda skanky
(3:46:39 PM) Ad:: Super charming
(3:46:41 PM) little fish: CHUCK BASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
(3:46:42 PM) Ad:: What is his name
(3:46:45 PM) Ad:: Yes!
(3:46:47 PM) Ad:: I like him
(3:46:50 PM) Ad:: Attitudeeee
(3:46:51 PM) little fish: vest galore
(3:46:53 PM) little fish: yah!
(3:46:56 PM) Ad:: What a name
(3:46:58 PM) Ad:: Lol
(3:47:05 PM) little fish: he is sheer awesome
(3:47:18 PM) little fish: bowtie, suit and impeccable shirts
(3:47:43 PM) Ad:: Niiiiceee
(3:47:47 PM) Ad:: He's not extremely good looking
(3:47:51 PM) little fish: he can be in a waistcoat ANYTIME
(3:47:54 PM) Ad:: But loads of personality

See, this is why Ad and I are great friends (even though we hardly meet up because *cough*someone*cough* is just too busy with work/friends/jam sessions to catch up with me!!!).

Gotta pen in a Gossip Girl night with the boys soon.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Time Capsule, NAS and my backup woes.

Have you ever looked for a file/music/document on your computer, only to realise it's on another laptop/portable hard disk/ somewhere out in the universe?

Sometimes J and I want to share music, photos and movies but it is just such a hassle to save 2 copies of the same thing. That excludes me copying the file, putting it on a thumb drive or portable hard disk, and J copying the file onto his laptop.

-- oooh very cute!

Imagine doing that for every single bit of data we want to share.

[We have terabytes of glorious data.]

And I'm worried about my data. I want to make backups of them so I won't ever lose photos from 7 years ago because the silly hard disk dies. I am frustrated, perplexed and I wish I could NAS the beejeeesus out of all the computers at home.

I just want a central storage for all our stuff and clone the storage as a backup.

Ever since I gave my MacBook Pro to J, he has become a Mac fanatic. Ipod touch, iPad, Time Capsule, Mac anything.

I haven't had time to fiddle with the Time Capsule but it is, in essence, a network attached storage device. Which means it is mountable on any OS and we can use the Time Capsule as a central storage device!

Thing is, we are running a myriad of OS. Snow Leopard, Windows XP, Windows Vista and very soon Windows 7 when my work laptop gets upgraded.

Will all our computers be able to access the Time Capsule?

O rly? Hmm..

A few years back (pre MacBook Pro days), I thought of setting up a desktop that never shuts down and attaching an external storage to the desktop. With the desktop online, I could ftp or remotely access my files, which would be filed neatly according to types in separate folders. All my files will be synchronized to the external storage at a scheduled time.

Well guess the procrastinator in me won, because this thing never happened.

I guess it's time to do some research on Time Capsule, Windows Vista and Snow Leopard!

Network Attached Storage (NAS) - wikipedia
Time Capsule - Official Apple page

Fresh blooms.

New blooms from the pot of hydrangeas!

Purple and green. Swooooon.

I wish I have green fingers, because I so want to plant more pots of them!

Friday, October 15, 2010

You know you love it.

I was getting J up to speed on Season 4 of Gossip Girl. At the end of episode 4 these remarks made my day.

  1. The number of times he "tsked" at Nate, Dan, Serena and Vanessa.

  2. Which eventually culminated in "What is this, a love triangle?? No, a love polygon?!"

  3. "Bassian bubble"

  4. "Eva's job shouldn't even bother Chuck. He's done worse things!"

My husband, ever rejecting Gossip Girl with all his might, may be paying more attention to The Greatest Show of Our Time that he would like to admin. Win on all counts.

Yay for us!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Craving for Louboutins and Oscar.

I need to shop. I watch Gossip Girl every week and I feel crappy the next morning when I dress for work. Where are my Louboutins and Oscar de la Renta?!?!?!

I want her dresses! I know it's not very often that I can wear a flitty gown. I can buy a dress from Oscar de la Renta for my annual D&D. Even though it may cost me my entire annual salary and then some. Hmmm.

Maybe a pair of Louboutins will soothe these pangs of hunger.

The right cut. The right height. The right shade of nude. Aren't they just perfect????
Available at Net-a-porter for $535.

I can't live like this. I need fashion.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Spring 2011 - Jason Wu.

Spring 2011 - Jason Wu

I am loving the colors!

The cutting and the draping are oh-so divine. I gravitate towards all things simplistic and unique, and I am loving the color nude right now. It looks too beautiful and chic!

[I am, however, unsure how this color will translate to everyday fashion. Nude washes you out. You look pale and with the wrong shade of nude, you risk looking like a giant sack of skin. That will be mortifying.]

If only the 2 outfits are available in separates. I want the top from the first model and the skirt from the second. The quest for beautiful substitutes for everyday wear begins!

Gazillion magazines for keeps.

I have a gazillion magazines piled up at home, all unread and very very urm, out of date.

-- so many magazines, yet so neat and chic

I buy lots of magazines, most of them imported ones just because I love the pictures writing. Then came marriage.

Wedding preparation sent me into a tizzy and my focus shifted onto Martha Stewart Weddings and all things weddingy for a good 10 months! Needless to say, the fashion magazines I picked up were put aside while I kidded myself that I would eventually squeeze out whatever time I had left to flip through.

Then we moved. The same situation happened again, and this time I spent a fortune on home renovating and decor magazines while buying fashion magazines at the same time. All the while, I thought I would seriously get back to 18 months of magazines right after our home was done up.

My Place is done up but looks nothing like this. *weeps*

It's October, 7 months after we moved. I have waaaaay too many unread magazines, excluding the ones J orders. Each magazine costs around $10 and you do the math. Omg I feel so ashamed at wasting all that money!

My new home is cluttered with old unread magazines I can't bear to throw away nor the time to read. Can someone tell me what I should do with the mags? Save me!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Gossip Girl means war. No limits.

(Do not read if you're a Gossip Girl fan and you haven't watched Season 4 yet.)

I love this scene. It looks too purrrrrty.

This week's episode was sooooo good. Eva is finally gone, thank god. I can never figure out what she's saying. Blame it on the French accent, or just poor English I don't know and I don't really care. She's gone. Just go back to Beauxbatons already.

Chuck rushed to confront Blair. “Do you hate me so much, that you can’t stand to see me happy?” He inquired. “Is it possible that you still love me?”

I threw my arms in the air and yelped with unbridled joy. (My brother actually looked up from his intense game of WoW and wondered if I struck the lottery.) FINALLY THE MOMENT HAD ARRIVED! CHAIR FOREVER!!!

And this happened.

“How could I still love you after what you did?”

I couldn't believe my ears. She looked at him with love and said what?!

Yes Blair you still love Chuck. You are angry at him for doing what he did, and angry at yourself for loving Chuck even though he did the unforgivable. Oh my god this is the self loathing, self destruction "I love you so I'm pushing you away" crap that all girls do to themselves.

"This means war, Blair. Me versus you. No limits."


It's just so painful to watch them tear each other apart. But maybe it's a huge reboot for Chair, to go back to their scheming ways which eventually brought them together in Season 1.

Here's hoping!

Gossip Girl 4x04 - Watch the scene unfold here

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