Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sucker for skincare.

I am the world's biggest sucker for skincare products.

I was plagued with extremely bad skin and I've been fighting a battle with skin problems since I was a child. Eczema, weird rashes from strange allergies, oily skin that sometimes flakes and of course, the bane of my life, acne.

I tried so many different brands of skincare I could start my own review guide (Clinique was the worst). Then I found Dermalogica when I started working (because I could finally afford to buy products without asking mom for more money).

-- No, the 3 Steps didn't work for me.

With my facialist's advice, I bought products for different problems that came and fortunately, went away. Products to fight dryness (from the 24-hour air conditioning), oiliness (from genes) and sensitive skin (from I don't quite know what). Yup I bought lots.

And I'm tempted to try Pure Night.

A nourishing, brightening overnight treatment to help minimize surface spots while conditioning and hydrating skin. Use nightly to help treat and prevent cellular discoloration, smooth fine dryness lines and defend against environmental damage and moisture loss. Contains no artificial fragrance or color.

I really didn't know how much I have till I was searching for a new tube of Active Moist moisturiser last night. I opened my medicine cabinet (half the height of an entire wall) and my jaw dropped. It's chockablock full of products I haven't used.

This is only HALF a wall of products. I am too ashamed to take a photo of the makeup side. Seriously, I can start a skincare section at home.

I have them in trial size, travel size and full size. Nice smelling shampoos, leave in conditioners, fancy schmancy shower gels (Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser rocks my socks) and rows and rows of skincare.

Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser - AUD$44

I am a hoarder!

I should really start using all the products religiously to have the great skin the products promise.

Dermalogica - Official site
Clinique - Official site

Monday, December 27, 2010

Cute and cool twist for a wedding.

Another good buddy of mine will be walking down the aisle come 12 February 2011 and I'm too excited and flattered to help him with the planning!

We are going shirt shopping this Thursday because he's going for a pre-wedding photoshoot. He wants to have something different, because if all the photos are going to be of him in a suit, that's just boring and not his cuppa tea.

That's where I come in!


I always thought it's too cute for words when the bride and groom wear bright sneakers under all that formal dress and suit. Jam packed with personality and it brings a smile to anyone's face!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mad Men: A breakdown.

Just what we need, a breakdown of the main characters in Mad Men. Oh my oh my Betty Draper, you're a petulant little girl stuck in a grown up world.

I love you Roger Sterling!

Camera, photography and budget.

I can't wait to go on our honeymoon. It has been almost a year since J and I got married and we have yet to go on our honeymoon. It feels as if we have one last thing to check off our wedding to do list.

The honeymoon is going to cost us because 2 weeks in Europe is not going to be cheap. Hotels, sightseeing, shopping, food and transport add up to a pretty penny. Not to mention all the things we have to get ready for the Big Trip.

I will need a decent camera.

-- do want! USD$600

I don't have one right now because the last one I had was more of a family camera. Mom and dad took it for their vacation, my brother used it on his vacation and frankly that's one of the reasons why I don't post photos anymore. The ones off my iPhone just don't evoke the same sentiments.

J has 2 cameras. He uses the slim Olympus Mju camera for work and he has a dslr which has been sitting sadly in the cabinet, unused for months because J is at work. I'm not really sure if he's going to lug the dslr all over Europe with the lenses because I am definitely not going to be the tripod girl.

[Plus, I guess his photography craze is over. He is all about golf now.]

GAH! Should I buy a camera just for me, or should I just make do with what we have?

J bought me the camera for my birthday! Whoopeee!!!

Olympus PEN E-PL1 - Gizmodo review

p.s. I think it's about time I post my entries regularly, instead of writing them in October and posting them in December. oops. :X

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