Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas morning and a small DIY project.

Check out our tree last year! Despite losing 99% of my decorations when we moved house, we managed to dress the tree. Complete with antlers. :)

Loads of pressies under the tree for everyone, some more than the others. *cough*

We had fun unwrapping presents. I unwrapped mine while J and my brother ripped through all the wrappings and ribbons, leaving a huge pile of paper in the wake.

I made gift tags this year. The gift tags were easy because I just cut them in the shape of tags. I was inspired by K to make the snowflakes. She made them out of Post-it notes and stuck them on her work computer!

The snowflakes were made from plain A4 paper and a Starbucks paper bag because I was trying to be eco friendly. They were not perfect or made out of fancy paper, but I had great fun making them.

In hindsight, I think eco friendliness goes out of the window during festive seasons. We overspend on gifts, use tons of wrapping paper, get way too many shopping bags and basically over-indulge in everything.

Oh well, guess I'll be reusing all my Christmas decorations this year!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

First Christmas dinner.

J was at work in 2009 so it was our first Christmas dinner since we got married. And being homebodies, we decided to stay at home instead of going to town and jostling with the rest of the world for seats in restaurants.

After watching way too many Jamie Oliver Christmas special on the telly, J was very motivated to cook a Christmas dinner. He wanted a turkey, ham and the whole lot of Christmas goodies. I managed to talk him out of it because it would be impossible for the 2 of us to eat all that, and the turkey would probably not fit into the microwave oven.

J did most of the cooking, since I burn coffee and really can't cook anything too fancy.

Check out the oven roasted chicken! J was extremely proud of it because he made the stuffing himself and basted the chicken religiously every 20 minutes. He put his new watch to good use.

Colorful salad with feta, cherry tomatoes, stuffed peppers with pesto, capers drizzled with mustard and balsamic dressing.

I'm so lucky my husband cooks!

We had a great Christmas :)

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Blog envy - revamp impending.

I'm a huge fan of Creature Comforts and I've been reading it for ages.

I wish my little space can look like hers.

I love the colors, the whimsical fonts and everything she's about. I would say some of my posts have been heavily influenced by Creature Comforts. There is no main focus because anything interesting can be the focus of a post.

I wanna revamp this little space again!

Monday, January 03, 2011

Picnic at home on Christmas.

Snacks on Christmas!

J and I stayed home the entire Christmas weekend and had a little picnic in the comfort of our own living room. Nothing too fancy, just some cheeses, crackers, stuffed peppers with pesto and relish. Yum!

The stuffed peppers were absolutely worth every penny.

Smoked salmon with balsamic vinegar and capers.

An easy Christmas snack in front of the telly, games, 500 cocktail recipes to go through.

How was your Christmas?

New year and bright yellow blooms.

Happy new year!

Bright yellow chrysanthemums for a bright year ahead.

They are unexpectedly cheerful looking, aren't they?

In most south east asian cultures, chrysanthemums are flowers traditionally reserved for prayer purposes. But I couldn't help but buy a bunch of bright yellow flowers because they looked too cheerful!

I have a habit of buying a tiny bunch of flowers for my home every 2-3 weeks because it makes the apartment home.

p.s. Now that I have a great camera, I shall take more photos and post random shots because I love colors, photography and the joy I get from great pictures. :)

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