Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas morning and a small DIY project.

Check out our tree last year! Despite losing 99% of my decorations when we moved house, we managed to dress the tree. Complete with antlers. :)

Loads of pressies under the tree for everyone, some more than the others. *cough*

We had fun unwrapping presents. I unwrapped mine while J and my brother ripped through all the wrappings and ribbons, leaving a huge pile of paper in the wake.

I made gift tags this year. The gift tags were easy because I just cut them in the shape of tags. I was inspired by K to make the snowflakes. She made them out of Post-it notes and stuck them on her work computer!

The snowflakes were made from plain A4 paper and a Starbucks paper bag because I was trying to be eco friendly. They were not perfect or made out of fancy paper, but I had great fun making them.

In hindsight, I think eco friendliness goes out of the window during festive seasons. We overspend on gifts, use tons of wrapping paper, get way too many shopping bags and basically over-indulge in everything.

Oh well, guess I'll be reusing all my Christmas decorations this year!

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