Thursday, January 06, 2011

First Christmas dinner.

J was at work in 2009 so it was our first Christmas dinner since we got married. And being homebodies, we decided to stay at home instead of going to town and jostling with the rest of the world for seats in restaurants.

After watching way too many Jamie Oliver Christmas special on the telly, J was very motivated to cook a Christmas dinner. He wanted a turkey, ham and the whole lot of Christmas goodies. I managed to talk him out of it because it would be impossible for the 2 of us to eat all that, and the turkey would probably not fit into the microwave oven.

J did most of the cooking, since I burn coffee and really can't cook anything too fancy.

Check out the oven roasted chicken! J was extremely proud of it because he made the stuffing himself and basted the chicken religiously every 20 minutes. He put his new watch to good use.

Colorful salad with feta, cherry tomatoes, stuffed peppers with pesto, capers drizzled with mustard and balsamic dressing.

I'm so lucky my husband cooks!

We had a great Christmas :)

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