Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Skanky kids - Ugh.

Call me old-fashioned but I am disgusted with the way teens/young people behave these days.

-- *rolls eyes*

I'm not talking about how inappropriate it is to wear running shorts and flip flops to school. (I don't approve of it anyway.) What disgusts me more is how skanky and thrashy they are. People don't want to be Grace Kelly anymore, they want to be Snooki. And I just fail to see any kind of logic in that.

I see young girls in tops too small and short shorts, standing in the middle of the mall and posing for photos with their phones. Smooshing whatever they could with their boobs or posing for weird lewd-y pictures which they promptly upload to their Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and whatever social network they are on.

{Parents: doesn't it p*ss you off when your young daughters dress like that?! I know I would be. }

-- Yeah because the world needs more aerial shots of boobs. GAH!!!!

Just when I tried to convince myself that teenage girls do that to get attention, confidence and affirmation (however weird that sounds), I saw women blowing kisses in front of the mirror in the ladies, taking photos of themselves. WTF was that about?! I really hate the term 'camwhoring' because it's way beyond derogatory, but people are doing just that.

Whatever happened to poise, class and dignity?!

[I hate it when people say "oh my I'm such a camwhore because I take so many pictures of myself" like it's a good thing. Why would anyone want to known as a whore? Do they not own a dictionary or common sense?!]

It's the same as how people say poledancing empowers women. Dancing in front of men while they objectify you is empowering?!

I don't quite understand how.

When these photos return to haunt them years later when they go for job interviews, will they look back and regret? Do you think Kate Middleton will get to be the future Queen of England if she had taken sleazy pics of herself when she was younger and craving for "attention"? Urm probably not.

-- gawd I can look at this for hours. I need bouncy hair like Kate!

Reputations or stereotypes are hard to get rid of. I judge. People judge. Skanky photos live forever on the internet.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's day is a Monday.

It's Valentine's Day and I'm at work.

Woe is me!

Obviously I have zero focus and drive today, since it's both Monday and Valentine's Day. Pfffft. I'm missing the weekend and too distracted by Heart-kun.


I have been reduced into a cooing mess. I coo at pictures of cute puppies and kittens!

Awwwwwww x 100000000000

I think I am really not making sense today. I bet no one isn't really working because they are all just looking forward to spending time with their significant other. The island state should just declare today a public holiday to promote romance, which I must say, is pretty darn crucial if they want more babies.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

I love: Brightly colored orchids.

I regularly buy flowers for my home. When I get home from work all tired and beaten by the world, they cheer me up instantly!

These bright orchids are one of my favourites.

Instant burst of color!

Just a tip!

I found out on the web that flowers last longer when a little bleach and sugar are added to the water. The bleach stops bacteria growth so the water doesn't turn cloudy and smelly, and the sugar feeds the flowers!

So Martha Stewart, right?

8 Ways to Make Flowers Last Longer - Link

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