Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Wedding - guests and hats.

I love hats and fascinators. When done right, it adds poise, class and fun. Who doesn't like accessories anyway?

That was before I laid eyes on these.

It looked like... a picture frame. It felt like she brought a gift for the happy couple! She would just remove the detachable frame and gift it so Kate and Wills can put their wedding photo up on the wall.

Princess Eugenie's fascinator was.. acceptable because someone else out-fug in the same shade of blue.

A canoe in blue. It was so big that it could double as a emergency life raft. Not to mention the overwhelming use of blue. That dress, complete with a swath of cloth which was perhaps a weak attempt at making a wrap/shawl was abysmal. Why was she there again?

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