Sunday, May 29, 2011

Disappointed and junk food.

I'm distraught. I drove all the way to Sephora and the lady at the counter said, "It was sold out a few days ago."

Does. Not. Compute.

And I couldn't focus. I actually drove down the multi-storey carpark in the wrong lane. I found out when I saw oncoming traffic and yup, it was kind of a wake up call to see the other driver's face. I should really stop obsessing.

So here I am, home with a giant chicken burger, trying to eat the pain away.

While watching Black Swan on tv.

This evening blows.

My iPhone's new home.

My phone has a new home!

Cath Kidston's floral print. Very brit, right? It looks a little grandma-ish but I'm going to say it's a vintage look. Loving it!

Of course I bought a baby pink case as well. I do love my pinks!

Sometimes I simply don't understand why I spend money on silly things like iPhone cases when my sluggish iPhone 3GS may be replaced when the new iPhone 4GS/5 comes out later this year.

Anyway little joys in life make everything better!

Want - Urban Decay Naked palette!

The last time I walked into Sephora, I bought Benefit's Bella Bamba. I saw Urban Decay's Naked palette at the cashier but I shrugged and walked away from it.

It has been 1 week. After doing lots of research, I am very convinced I need one.

And I don't even know how to put on eye makeup! See, that's why I need this. So I can start practising. :D

I guess it's age, growing up, growing old whatever you wanna call it. I think life's too boring and sucky to be bland anymore. I still love the bare fresh face look but let's face it, my skin is hardly the dewy luminous skin you see on the twenty year old models in Vogue. I need all the war paint I can get.

And TLC said we could buy all the makeup Mac can make! Except now, I'm going to try my luck with Urban Decay.

I'm going to raid Sephora when dawn breaks. Wish me luck!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

An Ispahan by any other name.

J and I went to Europe for our long overdue honeymoon and we had an amazing time in Paris. Strolls, coffees and macarons everyday.

J furrowed his brows when I got a little excited when we walked past the first Laduree near our hotel. He was even more shocked when he saw the queue inside. "Why is there even a line for buying such tiny overpriced biscuits?"

He waited in line with me, picked out the flavours and tried one when we walked out the shop. J is a convert now. He prefers Pierre Herme. Such a connoisseur.

A few weekends ago J and I had lunch at Pizzeria Mozza and we were not overwhelmed by the service or the food. I was so excited because Pizzeria Mozza was by Mario Batali, and since he's Iron Chef America, that had gotta count for something.

-- Working his magic at kitchen stadium!

Instead the serving was small and the toppings were sparse. The 2 appetizers were ok but we couldn't believe 2 appetizers and 1 pizza cost us $100.

We were still peckish when when we left so we decided to wander around Marina Bay Sands for cheaper bites. Imagine my our delight when I found ispahan on the island!

-- my iPhone has a crappy camera and I have zero skills. Le sigh.

Ispahan is a Pierre Herme creation. Rose, lychee, raspberry and cream between 2 gigantic macaron shells. Heaven!

Then again, it's an ispahan and it's not.

It's very sweet and J gulped down his espresso after a tiny bite because in his words, he was all sugar-ed out for the day. I must admit it's very very sweet but I don't know where else I can find this little confection! It's no Pierre Herme but oh well, we are a few thousands miles away from THE ONE. Beggars can't be choosers.

Let me know if you find a really really good dessert!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Coming soon - Little Mermaid attraction

Check out the video to have a peek at the latest attraction at Disney's California Adventure, Ariel's Undersea Adventure.

It opens next week!

OMG I wanna go to Disneyland!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Miranda Kerr sets the bar.

I have always liked Miranda Kerr. She is gorgeous and absolutely cute like the girl next door.

Here she is, looking all pregnant and beautiful. Glossy hair and none of the "my hormones have gone mad" symptoms (that I can tell).

Here is Miranda again. 3 months after giving birth to a child. On the set of Victoria's Secret photoshoot.

Is she human? Oh my gawd. I am nowhere near this and I'm not knocked up. Here's Miranda again, at the Victoria's Secret Bombshell event 2 weeks ago. It's like she never had a baby!

Lovely skin. Lovely hair.

Awesome legs.

I'm going to bawl now. My broccoli and yogurt diet starts tomorrow. Belly and jelly thighs, be gone!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pedi and Pirates.

I love colors. Maybe not Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat but just a pop of unexpected hue. Which was why I painted my toenails dark blue for my wedding.

-- Not my photo but yeah this exact shade of blue

My mom saw it a few days before the wedding and she did that eye roll with that sigh (for effect of course) whenever she was exasperated with me. Jason looked at my feet and checked my fingers immediately. I felt like a child who had been left alone for a split second and suddenly threw paint all over the walls and painted half my hair pink.

Well last weekend I was feeling all kinds of low so I treated myself to a spa pedicure. Lots of soaking, exfoliating and buffing. And I painted my toenails a light shade of purple.

There were a few shades to pick! Baby mint, light purple, mushroom (hot!) and bright green. They were all from the new Pirates of the Carribbean series.

I picked Steady As She Rose, which is a very light shade of lilac. It looks pink in the photo.

I love the shades "Stranger Tides" and "Mermaid's Tears". They are both green, and "Stranger Tides" is more of dirtier, greyish green shade. Love it. Pity it looked weird on my toes though.

I bought a bottle of "Bubble Bath" and I must say, a bottle of nail polish goes a very very long way. It's still 90% full! I guess there is no point in buying every shade I like, since I'm probably never EVER going to finish it. Seems like such a waste isn't it?

Pedicures are a treat. Some poor lady scrubs, buffs, trims and colors your toenails. I spend so much time on my feet, walking in heels and I guess the torture I put my feet through shows. Nothing better than sitting in a massage chair, getting feet rubs while you read a magazine. Can't wait till the next pedi!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My childhood, books and Ophelia.

When I was little, I loved leafing through books. Picture books, coffee table books and whatever my little arms could lift. I didn't really understand most of it, since they were too difficult for my age but I loved looking at all the pictures.

My family didn't have a lot when my brother and I were growing up so we spent a lot of time at home and at our aunt's place. My aunt's place didn't have toys or a lot of children friendly books. My aunt and uncle had fancy coffee table books. They had books on tropical fish, islands around the world, flowers, animals, art etc. I remember my favourite book at their place, was a book of records. It was mostly trivia from the 90s and before, on top ten of everything.

And what captivated me from that book ever since, was the painting of Ophelia. I remember it to this day.

I was too little to know the painting's name. I just Googled for "painting lady floating in water" because that was how I remembered it. I guess it wasn't the most normal pick for a child since it was a painting of a dead lady floating.

There is something about the painting which fascinates me. Her expression. Her hands. What happened to her?

The details to Ophelia, the flowers, her floating dress and the moss by the river bank are astounding. You could tell the river stream was calm and Ophelia was not struggling. She looked at peace, and went along with where the river took her.

For some reason, it reminded me of the moment we float on water (in the pool, sea and tub). The water would be a cool relief, and the weightlessness would made you feel as if you were not there. You would stare at the sky and the passing clouds (or ceiling) as hours go by.

Wow I wanna go to the pool right now.

Ophelia is currently held in the Tate Britain, London.

Photos from

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cosmic Love for Florence and the Machines.

Obvious from my love for Imogen Heap and Stars, I have a soft spot for mmm.. ethereal sounding music. I kept the ticket stubs for both Immi and Stars when they visited the island state. [Come back soon!]

Throw in strumming on a harp and I'm yours. Florence and the Machines have my vote!

Everytime I hear the song, I want to sail off into the darkness under the stars. And we'll be going somewhere wonderful and magical.

A great voice, great band and that's all you need. No synthesizers, no autotune.

I have Cosmic Love for all of them!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Marmalade Pantry and my disappointment.

Had a quick dinner at Marmalade Pantry last night with San and I must say I was a little disappointed.

I had been toying with the idea of going there for brunch or dinner since it opened. J and I had been to their previous outlet at Holland Village and we enjoyed the food.

-- My iced tea

I had the Battered Cod garnished with Mushy Peas and Bacon Gribiche and it was average, and perhaps a little short of what I remembered from Marmalade Pantry Holland Village. The batter was just.. normal.

-- I googled the photo. The food arrived and I was so underwhelmed that I couldn't be bothered to take a photo.

For $26 (I can't remember the exact price), you would think that the portion would be more satisfying. The side of mushy peas were about 1 tablespoonful. I don't know. There was nothing on the plate which made me jump for joy and feel that the effort I took to get out of the house in this horrible oven of a weather was worth every bite.

Nope. Not at all.

San's tagliatelle looked delicious, so I guess it was just my choice which was a little disappointing. I guess I won't be going back again.

Self esteem, Sephora and Bella Bamba.

You know there's something terribly wrong when you are crippled with self doubt and probably one stray thought away from a self esteem meltdown when you are up at midnight, watching YouTube videos by a early 20-something on "How to apply simple eye makeup".

[On a separate note, how can THAT be simple eye makeup when you need about 10 products for just eyes?! 3 different creams, 3 shades of color, 1 brow color, 1 eyeliner (she held up about 4 choices and picked 1), 1 highlighter (not the neon colored pen you used in school) and a whole lotta brushes for applying and blending. Then again, she woke up at 6am to do that. So my bad for thinking that it will all be done in 5 minutes flat because that's all I've got every single freakin' morning.]

[And just wandering a little bit more: all her products were not your drugstore L'Oreal, Maybelline ones, but Mac, Chanel, Lancome and Urban Decay. Just how much is her makeup worth?!]

Right after you came home from a Sephora binge.

See, my troubled skin has become blemished again. I guess stress from work and all that caffeine + lack of sleep and hydration are having a toll on me.

[I hardly get water when I'm at a client's place. Sometimes I'll try to fill my tiny Evian bottle at the dispenser, but the loud noise as my bottle fills embarrasses me. Especially when my client's clients turn around and stare at the crazy lady whose hair would be messy because she has a habit of running her fingers through her hair when she's stressing out at work. Oh, the tiny Evian bottle is all that would fit in my overweight and overstuffed company issued laptop bag now.]

-- Yeah it's that small you can't even see it in the photo.

I haven't had the time to visit the dermatologist. I should go regularly but you should see the line at the clinic on a Saturday morning! I feel judged when I'm there. I see beautiful people with flawless skin waiting for their turns at the clinic. God, I'm the one who needs medical grade laser on my face, not women who could be on magazine covers without air-brushing!

-- Case in point.

Plus my dermatologist makes small talk and this always comes up. "Oh you skin looks congested. You need to come back more regularly. I'll tell the nurse to give you this other cream."

Wow, you have no idea how much it hurts to hear the word "congested" being used to describe your skin. Well, the truth hurts. Cest la vie.

Anyhooo I was having self esteem issues today (duh. since when do I not have self esteem issues) and I decided to get Benefit's Bella Bamba.

-- Utterly rad disco in Florida design.

It's SGD$55, and very expensive in my opinion. But I've been searching for a coral blush for the longest time and I've contemplated Coralista for months. Thing is, when the nice Sephora lady applied both blushes on my cheeks, Bella Bamba looked better.

-- Obviously that's the look I'm going for. Understated makeup often means a lot of work!

Well, I'm not quite sure. See, I had to hold my own mirror while she applied the blush and all I could focus on was my blemished skin. Upclose. Being colored by a total stranger. At a quick glance, Bella Bamba looked great but I was just too self conscious to notice. I was sitting on the makeup chair with my blemishes on display for all to see. I'm pretty sure she thought my skin was horrid but probably too nice to mention anything. I thanked the nice lady for her help, paid and here I am, home with a tiny box of pigment and down by $55.

Here's hoping that it's all good! I'm going to put some first thing tomorrow morning.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Wishlist - Dior dresses!

I'm feeling somewhat down since it is appraisal season and my manager was the biggest wet blanket ever to the entire team. I felt under-appreciated. All my hard work, over time, working till wee hours in the morning at the expense of my family, health and skin seemed to go unnoticed. I hope this isn't another manager who thinks that we are paid a monthly salary, so we are obliged to work every single moment of our lives.

[Under-appreciated is a tad better than unnoticed. Unnoticed = he didn't even know about the efforts everyone put in. Under-appreciated = he knew but chose not to give a pat on everyone's back. Waaaaait, is being ignorant better than not doing anything better now? I don't know. I'm confused and upset.]

I tried to console the team that the manager probably meant well but the execution of said "advice and feedback" was poor. I don't know who I was trying to console.

I guess it's time to shop my pain away.

There are only 2 more episodes till the end of the season. While I can't wait to find out if my princess is getting her happily ever after, I simply can't bear the 5 months wait till Gossip Girl returns. What am I going to do during this cold and long winter till the spring that is Gossip Girl returns? I can't twiddle my thumbs for that long.

Anyway, on with the wishlist!

Blair's Dior dress in Empire of the Son. It's from Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2010 Floral Printed Dress.

Blair's Dior dress in Pretty in Pink. It's from Dior's Spring 2010 Ready to Wear collection. That makes it last season, right?

So purrrrrrty!! The dresses are from 2010 so they must be on sale, right? I want me some!

They would go so well under a black collar-less jacket a la Duchess of Cambridge.

To make them more work appropriate you see.

Nothing makes a girl feel better than wearing luxe dresses! I mean, would you feel better in a Gap shirt or a Dior dress?

There is no competition at all.

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