Saturday, May 28, 2011

An Ispahan by any other name.

J and I went to Europe for our long overdue honeymoon and we had an amazing time in Paris. Strolls, coffees and macarons everyday.

J furrowed his brows when I got a little excited when we walked past the first Laduree near our hotel. He was even more shocked when he saw the queue inside. "Why is there even a line for buying such tiny overpriced biscuits?"

He waited in line with me, picked out the flavours and tried one when we walked out the shop. J is a convert now. He prefers Pierre Herme. Such a connoisseur.

A few weekends ago J and I had lunch at Pizzeria Mozza and we were not overwhelmed by the service or the food. I was so excited because Pizzeria Mozza was by Mario Batali, and since he's Iron Chef America, that had gotta count for something.

-- Working his magic at kitchen stadium!

Instead the serving was small and the toppings were sparse. The 2 appetizers were ok but we couldn't believe 2 appetizers and 1 pizza cost us $100.

We were still peckish when when we left so we decided to wander around Marina Bay Sands for cheaper bites. Imagine my our delight when I found ispahan on the island!

-- my iPhone has a crappy camera and I have zero skills. Le sigh.

Ispahan is a Pierre Herme creation. Rose, lychee, raspberry and cream between 2 gigantic macaron shells. Heaven!

Then again, it's an ispahan and it's not.

It's very sweet and J gulped down his espresso after a tiny bite because in his words, he was all sugar-ed out for the day. I must admit it's very very sweet but I don't know where else I can find this little confection! It's no Pierre Herme but oh well, we are a few thousands miles away from THE ONE. Beggars can't be choosers.

Let me know if you find a really really good dessert!

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