Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pedi and Pirates.

I love colors. Maybe not Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat but just a pop of unexpected hue. Which was why I painted my toenails dark blue for my wedding.

-- Not my photo but yeah this exact shade of blue

My mom saw it a few days before the wedding and she did that eye roll with that sigh (for effect of course) whenever she was exasperated with me. Jason looked at my feet and checked my fingers immediately. I felt like a child who had been left alone for a split second and suddenly threw paint all over the walls and painted half my hair pink.

Well last weekend I was feeling all kinds of low so I treated myself to a spa pedicure. Lots of soaking, exfoliating and buffing. And I painted my toenails a light shade of purple.

There were a few shades to pick! Baby mint, light purple, mushroom (hot!) and bright green. They were all from the new Pirates of the Carribbean series.

I picked Steady As She Rose, which is a very light shade of lilac. It looks pink in the photo.

I love the shades "Stranger Tides" and "Mermaid's Tears". They are both green, and "Stranger Tides" is more of dirtier, greyish green shade. Love it. Pity it looked weird on my toes though.

I bought a bottle of "Bubble Bath" and I must say, a bottle of nail polish goes a very very long way. It's still 90% full! I guess there is no point in buying every shade I like, since I'm probably never EVER going to finish it. Seems like such a waste isn't it?

Pedicures are a treat. Some poor lady scrubs, buffs, trims and colors your toenails. I spend so much time on my feet, walking in heels and I guess the torture I put my feet through shows. Nothing better than sitting in a massage chair, getting feet rubs while you read a magazine. Can't wait till the next pedi!

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