Monday, July 25, 2011

Bella Bamba and all my blushes.

So I bought Benefit's Bella Bamba. The lady from Sephora was quite generous when she tested the product on my cheeks and I looked mmmm feverish under the harsh white light.

Anyhoo I decided to take the safe route and applied just a brush of Bella Bamba on my cheeks.
I didn't look any different so I guess I was not using enough product. Five swipes on the cheek and I was back to the clown with a fever look.

The magic number is 3. 3 sweeps on the blush, 3 sweeps on the cheek and I look ok. Not too flushed and not too pale. But I can never put the blush on consistently. I'm not sure if it's my poor skills or the little brush which came with the blush.

The color is just right for me. I used to use a pink blush from Ipsa and it was just too pale and unnatural. Blush Delice from Loreal was the next blush. It too needed skills. Sometimes 1 sweep was just 1 sweep too much. The brush picked up either too little or too much and I could never tell.

The Loreal blush has been discontinued. Geez now you know how long it took me to finish anything! The little thing lasted forever, especially when 1 sweep could prove too generous.

Then came the miracle which was Kit Cosmetics Lip and Cheek tint I picked up at Gold Coast. It was like Benetint but cheaper!

I guess my skintone changed with time. The tint only works for me in winter and I needed something more summery since I now stay in the tropics.

I found it in Bella Bamba!

p.s. This is a long overdue post. I bought Bella Bamba in May!!!

Kit Cosmetics Lip and Cheek Tint - buy here!

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