Thursday, August 04, 2011

Dinner Pronto #1!

It's hard trying to eat healthy when you have a full time job and zero time to cook. I come home, I bring work home and I'm famished. I'll buy takeaway and there's only that much kungpow chicken rice I can eat before I go off food completely.

Though it does look pretty delicious.

I really don't have the luxury of cooking for myself and supermarket sushi is the next best thing!

Wish they would come up with more variety at the supermarket. I'm a fan of raw fish and there's always only staples such as salmon and tuna. Hmmm I'm craving for seared salmon and shrimp now.

I really want to eat healthier, I really do. My family history hasn't been stellar which places me in a higher risk group of getting heart diseases. And since I'm errr averse to any form of exercise, the least I can do is to eat better. Lucky me I love veggies. Which brings us to the next point.

I can't buy veggies in bulk and make salads all day because they go off really quickly. Bah humbug.
-- Goodbye baby spinach.

How am I going to take at least 3 servings of veggies a day I can't go to the supermarket every other day?! Broccoli keeps better but seriously I can't eat the same veg everyday forever, can I?

I'm badly missing baby spinach, rocket, radish and all things fresh and crunchy. Can't wait for J to come home because he makes the best salads!

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