Sunday, July 24, 2011

Photography, hobbies and having time for yourself.

I hope to take better pictures. Perhaps not professionally good, but good enough to capture the moment and the sentiment of that moment.

Right now, J has the little Olympus because he needs it for work, and the family Canon is with mom and dad, chockablock full of their vacation photos when they went to Korea earlier last year. I have, errr my iPhone camera.

It is not a real camera. I wanna take great photos like BUTTERFLYFOOD!

-- By Butterflyfood Photography, from Creature Comforts

Look at the colors!

Well I do have the awesome Olympus Pen E-PL1. J got it for my birthday and it's crazy nice of him. *big wide smiles* Thing is, I see things whenever I'm on the move and I don't really lug around my lovely white E-PL1 everywhere I go. Especially not when I work.

Anyway I have been neglecting my hobbies for a while. And my hobbies aren't even that extensive! Shopping, taking the occasional photos, writing, crafts and decorating etc. All girly and errr somewhat exepensive cost money.

-- Girly? Purrrrty? Cost money? Yes to all.

Work and family have taken over. By family, I mean cleaning the house when I come back from work. Ironing the Everest of laundry that is piling up in the living room (I take them off the line and dump them on the couch). I spend whatever time I have back home with my parents. Work for 5 days, time with my parents for 1.5 days. Laundry. Repeat.

Basically I (my interests and self) have taken a backseat to all the things that need my immediate attention.

And it is crazy slow of me but, I just realize the importance of hobbies. They are the only things that nurture and cultivate the artistic side of us. The only things that make us passionate about what we do, not because we make a living out of it, but simply because we get so much joy from the process and seeing what we can achieve.

Being an adult, taking on the responsibilities of an adult make a person apathetic. Everything else takes a backseat when it comes to bills and living up to expectations. I want to be passionate about something again.

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