Thursday, August 11, 2011

De-stressing and my sad gardening tales.

I'm pretty stressed lately. Even though it's supposedly the off-peak season, I am still booked for jobs so that's a blessing I guess.

The stress comes from working with clients and colleagues who don't share the same ideas. It's people who are driving me up the wall. I have trouble sleeping, I'm breaking out in spots and I am clenching my jaw so much I have weird aches at the little spot between my jaw and ear.

So I try to destress.

I take care of my tiny herb garden that is sitting on the balcony. And my orchid which has lost all the pretty blooms and left with 2 leaves.

-- My basil!

Which depresses me further.

Guess my de-stressing and little pick-me-ups are not really helping.

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