Thursday, August 11, 2011

London riots, social benefits and failure of education.

I was wistfully thinking about visiting London again during another one of my "Love Actually" movie sessions when news of riots hit. It started as a peaceful protest against police brutality, which evolved into widespread looting which had absolutely nothing to do with the original cause.

Riots are breaking out in London because young hooligans just "want to stick it to the Man". The Man happens to be the one doling out cash to keep these kids fed and warm. I say bring on the full force of the police and military and put these st*pid kids in their places.

What pain? If you dislike the situation you are in, you break out of the cycle. Stop finding excuses for them.

I'm all for social benefits, really I am. The government, heck, the society should look after the less fortunate and give people a hand when they are down. And when these people get on their feet, they can contribute and help others along. Pay it forward.

But when some people just take and take without taking any sort of responsibility, the aid should stop. We should not be enabling these leeches. It's like sending addicts to rehab. If you have a drug problem, you go cold turkey to kick the habit. People should be "forced" to stand on their own feet and be productive members of society.

The economy is going down the crapper again because of US and Europe debt crisis. My investments have lost around 30% and the fear of going into another recession is very real under all the pseudo optimism on the street (at this time of writing, everyone is gripped in fear and mass selling their shares, driving the market further downward).

Just Google it. It's all bad.

I don't see how the riots achieve anything at all. Should countries in massive debt continue substantial subsidies to their people? I'm all for helping the the needy but where does it end?

J is paying so much taxes that his taxes are more than my annual income. Plus he has to pay a flood levy, a carbon tax and insane prices for "body corporate fees". Where does all the tax money go? Helping the needy, housing asylum seekers indefinitely at exorbitant overheads and paying overpaid unskilled workers for menial jobs.

When did it become the norm for unskilled workers to be paid $150k a year? And they threaten the companies if they don't get the pay they want. "If you don't pay me $150k for driving a forklift, we go on indefinite strike."

For a country which subsidies education heavily and have so many universities and colleges to better its citizens, what's the point of promoting education when I can not finish high school and earn $150k driving a forklift?

This is just ridiculous.

Defence of London rioters - The Observer

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